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The Butterfly Summer – by Harriet Evans

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Harriet Evans is the Sunday Times bestselling author of A Place for Us and The Butterfly Summer is her must-share new novel about Keepsake, a house in Cornwall that comes with a family legacy every bit as full of danger as it is of wonder. The Butterfly Summer is packed with unexpected plot twists that will make you gasp out loud and move you to tears - you'll be desperate to add it to your shelf alongside the best of Santa Montefiore, Jojo Moyes and Kate Morton.

'Harriet Evans is a master at creating characters you feel like you know inside out' Heat

What magic is this?

You follow the hidden creek towards a long-forgotten house.

They call it Keepsake, a place full of wonder ... and danger. Locked inside the crumbling elegance of its walls lies the story of the Butterfly Summer, a story you've been waiting all your life to hear.

This house is Nina Parr's birthright. It holds the truth about her family - and a chance to put everything right at last.

Harriet Evans. She brings you home.

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

The Butterfly Summer is actually the first book by Harriet Evans I’ve read, which is quite weird, but I can’t change it. Anyway, let’s start…

This book tells the story of Nina Parr and especially the young woman discovering part of her family she has never known. What happened in the past and why is it all connected to Keepsake a mysterious house in Cornwall?! UT all starts when Nina meets a woman she doesn’t know in the library. That woman knows her and she wants Nina to discover her family’s legacy. Nina never knew her dad George Parr, who died on a jungle expedition. In addition to that she is divorced already, married at 19 and is now still friends with Sebastian.
Well, let’s just say she is going through a lot.

I have to be honest here, it took me quite a while to get into the story, it seemed slow at first and the moving back and forth in time didn’t really help. I have to say thought that the more I found out about the Parr family and the women in the family, the more I got into it and I wanted Nina to figure everything out.

Harriet Evans really “brings you home” with this book. The writing is full of emotions, depth and mystery. I loved how vividly Harriet described all the places, unfortunately I didn’t feel the same with the story. It was quite clear in the end, but the way to get there was complicated and stony. The idea behind it all is fab and I wish I was more gripped, but something was missing for me. I think clearer connections and a flowing storyline would have helped for me. I guess that could be quite different for other readers, but that’s how I felt.

I liked that there were a lot of unforeseen moments and twists in the story. It was interesting to get to know all these different generations of Parr women and I really liked the inheritance fact of the story.

Even if there are some parts that didn’t work for me, I still fell in love with Harriet’s writing and definitely plan on reading more of her books.


My possible cast:

Nina: Michaela McManus

Harriett on Twitter: @HarrietEvans

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