Tuesday, 3 May 2016

31 Things I Love About Spring

This winter seemed so long! We had so much snow at the beginning of March!! I was so excited when spring finally started. I would say spring and summer share first place when it comes to my favourite season. Let me tell you, why I love spring so much.

1.     Days are longer again
2.     It’s light when I leave the house in the morning and also when I come home in the evenings
3.     Everything is so colourful
4.     The sunshine!
5.     It’s warmer again!
6.     I get to wear my ballerinas and open shoes again
7.     All the pastels <3 (fashion and nails)
8.     The small of flowers
9.     The sight of beautiful flowers
10.  The corals (nails, fashion, lips, beauty)
11.  Spring walks
12.  Lighter clothes!
13.  The sweet small in the air
14.  Spending time outside!
15.  Reading outside in the garden
16.  Open windows
17.  Eating outside
18.  Summer is pretty close ;)
19.  Mother’s Day
20.  Easter! Well, the chocolate ;)
21.  3 weeks of holidays!!! Plus additional catholic holidays
22.  Picnics
23.  Road trips
24.  Skirts and dresses!
25.  Yummy fruit!
26.  BBQ season starts again!
27.  The sound of birds in the morning
28.  The smell of spring in the morning
29.  Green grass and flowery fields
30.  More animal life outside
31.  No more layers, no jacket required, I can just go outside in a shirt.

What do you love about spring?

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