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The Definition of Icing - by Aven Ellis

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The blurb:

Kenley Hunter finally has everything sorted out. Fresh from studying chocolate making in Europe, she's
gambling everything on her new business, Confection Consultations.

All Kenley wants in life is people to take her seriously, to see the person on the inside rather than the
blonde beauty on the outside. While pursuing her passion of chocolate, Kenley discovered people seek her
knowledge. They see past the exterior and fall for the chocolate delights in front of them.

So with work as her focus, Kenley is ready to start her career in Dallas. Men are out of her recipe, because
she fears that once they get past her looks, they’ll be disappointed in what they find. Kenley decides she's
all about the chocolate now.

Or is she?

Because a chance meeting with new Dallas Demon hockey star Nate Johansson might change everything.
Sent to Dallas in a blockbuster trade, Nate is somewhere he doesn't want to be, for reasons that have
caused him heartbreak on multiple levels. Nate knows he will never trust a woman again after what
happened to him in Minnesota.

But when he meets a woman with an intriguing name and a passion for chocolate, Nate isn't so sure about
his theory. And he might just learn a definition of icing other than the one used in hockey with Kenley as his guide...

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

You have no idea how excited I’ve been for this book. It’s book #2 of the Dallas Demons series. Waiting For Prince Harry starring Kylie and Harrison, was the first one and now we are back in Dallas.

Kenley Hunter is 24 years old and is starting out with her new “chocolate” business. Kenley is strong, driven, passionate, clever and all she wants for people to see her inside. Looks is not everything and her last relationship ended, because her ex only wanted her for her looks. That’s why she is taking a man sabbatical.
I liked Kenley from the start, her personality and passion really impressed me. And yes, she studied in Lucerne, Switzerland, so there is another connection ;)

During a photoshoot for the Dallas Detal magazine she first meets Harrison and Kylie (yay, thanks for that AVen) and then also Nate Johansson, the new star of the Dallas Demons. Kenley stands up for herself and Nate jumps in to support her. That is when their story starts…

Nate Johansson was traded to Dallas from Minnesota. He doesn’t want to be there and the reason for the trade also made him close the door towards women and a relationship in general. Nate is sexy, soulful, thoughtful, caring, passionate, strong and just awwwww – my newest book boyfriend ;)

Nate is hesitant when it comes to going out with Kenley, but that changes once they surprisingly meet again at Harrison’s home. They way their relationship develops is just amazing. Kenley’s friends and family is involved as well and the journey is full of surprises. Aven takes us on an emotional roller-coaster ride here! Kenley and Nate get to know each other more and more and share their past as well, it makes them understand the other person better and was so happy to see them both falling for each other. I adored how Kenley decribed how she feels about Nate and the added drama and misunderstanding made me read the whole night. This is a book you can’t put down, the storyline is seriously gripping!

The characters are genuine, sweet and just perfectly well lined out. They have a real background, influencing their acting. They are so much fun to read about and relate to. Kenley is like the best friend I wanna have and Nate is the guy I wanna fall in love with. Then there is Kenley’s mother Cici, my god she is hilarious and she loves Tumble, that’s all I can say. It’s great to get to know Kenley’s sister Amanda and her family too, Claire adds some funny moments here and there. Nate’s family comes to visit and especially his sister Holly makes a lasting impression. Lexi, is an awesome best friend, and I think we’ll hear from her soon ;)
Oh and then there are Harrison and Kylie of course, I loved these tow and their story was an wonderful start to the Dallas Demons Hockey series. This is the second book and there is more to come and I can say now, that this is by far my fave series ever! So much to look forward to.

Back to the story. Aven has a beautiful way to write, her style is engaging, gripping, emotional, touching, passionate, detailed, vivid, magical and oh so romantic! I could go on trust me…
The way Aven includes the genuine feelings of the characters is impressive. I felt like I was experience everything with Kenley and I just wanted to be there for her and help…

I’m a big ice hockey fan, so the hockey related story parts were awesome to read about. From the WAG’s suit, to Nate and Kenley’s ritual and the definitions at the beginning of each chapter (will get back to them after). This really makes me wanna re-read Waiting For Prince Harry immediately.

Ok, back to the chapter starts. At the beginning of each chapter there was either a definition about something sweet (Kenley) or something hockey related (Nate). It also kind of described something used or happening in the chapter.

There are so many memorable and magical moments in this story. It’s a tale about two people finally finding each other and realising what they really need and want in life – it makes them change their opinion about certain things really fast.

You’ll fall in love with this AMAZING book, the characters and the writing!

Aven’s characters and books always make me wanna have a life like the female characters in one of her stories. I might repeat myself but, Aven really knows how to engage the reader and she finds a way to make each and every single moment in her books memorable and unique. She definitely knows how to touch a heart!!!


My possible cast:

Kenley: Blake Lively

Nate: Tyler Seguin

Aven on Twitter: @AvenEllis
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  1. Okay, well I just have to read this, and am going off to GR when I am done here to see about the first in the series. I had not even heard of this series until now. Thanks for your awesome review. I will let you know when I read it.

    1. That's great to hear! Yes, please let me know xx