Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Quotes – The Definition of Icing by Aven Ellis

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Happy publication day to the wonderful Aven Ellis. I've been part of the journey of The Definition of Icing and it's an INCREDIBLE book. My review will be part of the blog tour on Friday. For my #AvenSpecial I prepared some different things. Here are the quotes. I also added the trailer of the book at the end of the post.
This morning I posted a little Q&A with several bloggers and authors, answering Icing related questions: ... 


„I find you incredibly attractive.“ – Kenley
„Well, good, because I think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.“ - Nate

My pulse leaps with his words. I’ve been called beautiful by men my entire life, but I have never wanted to hear those words more than I do from Nate. – Kenley

„...then I met this girl. She’s beautiful, but so much more than that. She’s strong.“ – Nate

„You make me want to go on offense. You make me want to advance further. But not the way you think. You make me want to run instead of walk. I want to run to you, Bae.“ – Nate

„I like being in your arms. I like feeling your fingers wrapped around mine when you reach for my  hand. I like how you always want to know more about me when you’re with me. I like making you laugh. I just like being with you, Nate.“ – Kenley

„I’m going to miss your eyes. Because you show your emotions with them. I’m going to miss talking with you over dinner like I’ve done the past three nights. I’m going to miss making you blush. I’m going to miss you, Kenley.“

„Have you noticed that our puppy ist he cutest one here?“ – Nate
Our puppy.
Nate just made the first reference to us being an us.

„You make me want to try again. You’ve changed that in me Kenley.“ – Nate

„I’ll never break your heart. If you let me have it, Nate, I’ll protect it forever.“ – Kenley

„I adore Nate. He’s protective and smart and soulful. I fell fort he man who likes his chocolate plain and will tweet an animal picture to try and find it a forever home. I fell for the man who loves his family. The man who is passionate about the sport he plays. That’s the man I’m crazy about.“ – Kenley

„When it’s something Nate’s passionate about, when it’s something he loves, he will risk everything for it. Like hockey. Like me.“ – Kenley

„I don’t have a scar over my heart, Kenley. Not anymore, Not since I fell in love with you.“ – Nate

„I was destined to come to Dallas and fall in love with you. And this is what I love about you. You’re beautiful Kenley. The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. But it’s what you have inside that takes my breath away.“ – Nate
„I love you, Nate. I fell in love with you right away. The man that you are. Not Nate Johansson, the famous superstar, but Nate Johansson, the man.“ – Kenley

„I love you. I love you so much. More than I thought I could ever love anyone.“ – Nate
„I love you, too.“ – Kenley
„This is forever. You’re it Bae.“ – Nate
„And you’re my forever, Nate.“ – Kenley


„It’s OUR home now, Bae. You and Marabou and me. I haven’t wanted a fortress since I fell in love with you. Now all I want ist o build a life with you.“ – Nate

„Kenley, you are the woman who has my heart and soul.“ – Nate

„I’m going to spend the rest of my life with a man who truly loves me, the woman I am on the inside. Nate – my warrior.“ - Kenley


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