Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tampa Bay Lightning - NHL Playoff Game

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As most of you probably know 8 am a big hockey fan. I go the lots of games at home and support our local team, but my real live is the NHL.

There are four teams I support: Dallas Stars, Nashville Predators, Vancouver Canucks and Tampa Bay Lightning.
My two favourite players Tyler seguin and Jamie Benn play for Dallas. unfortunately the team didn't make ut to the playoffs. My fave Swiss player Roman Josi plays in Nashville. They made it to the Playoffs, but lost the series against Chicago. Then we have the Vancouver Canucks, I lived in Vancouver 5 years ago and I really got addicted to the NHL there. I was also able to go to my first NHL game back then, it was awesome!
Tampa being in Florida, my fave State over, makes ut clear to support the Bolts. When we booked our trip I knew I wanted to try and get tickets, but they had to qualify for the Playoffs first and they did yay! Being in Siesta Key already I was able to get us tickets for their first Playoff Game against Detroit, I was really excited for it!

We arrived in Downtown Tampa early enough, parked our car and walked to the Amalie Arena. The atmosphere in front if the arena was electric!! After enjoying the outside and a bit if dancing arohnd, we went inside. There we took a while to locate the big Fan shop. We looked for a cap for my brother (he's an even bigger hockey fan than I am) and I bought myself a shirt. Then we went to get some found and found our seats. We were on top, it was really high up. The pre-game show was so much fun, lots of videos, songs and just an amazing atmosphere. We got something small to make some noise, that was great! Of course we all had to stand up for the national anthem befire the game started. I watched the first period from our seats, i was able to see the ice and I had a great angle. For the second and third period I joined my mum a level lower, standing exactly in the middle behind the goal. That view was awesome!!!
Unfortunately, Tampa was not able to score, they had so many great chances. Detroit scoredfurst and Tampa was able to tie the game, but then Detroit scored two more and we lost :( I guess they just used their chances, whereas Tampa didn't. The had more shots in the end, but if you don't make them... That didn't change a thing about the atmosphere though, it was still great! Lots of young men at that game as well ;)

I enjoyed seeing Henrik Zetterberg (Detroit) on ice again. he play for our local team back in 2012 during lockouts. He's a very talented player.
Stamkos had some soli as well.

The playoff atmosphere is something unique, I wish I could go again. Tampa won the second game, then Detroit won the next one, but Tampa tied the series again!!! This happened two more times and it came to game 7 ... And they won!!!They are playing Montreal at the moment, leading 3:0 and only needed one more victory, but now it's 3:2! We can still do it though, I believe in them, game 5 is tonight, fingers crossed! #GoBolts

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  1. I have been to a lot of sporting events: the Rose Bowl..an MLB playoff game...NBA playoff games...but NOTHING beats NHL playoff hockey. You're right-it's ELECTRIC and so much fun. I'm so glad you had the opportunity to experience this!!!The pictures are awesome-you did a good job describing and capturing this event. :-)