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Florida - Miami, Key West, Marco Island, Naples, Siesta Key, Sarasota, Orlando

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Easter sunday morning: I got up really early and we headed to the airport. After a nice cappuccio the plane was ready for boarding and off went on a 10 hour flight. I started the journey with reading Lucy Robinson's The Day We Disappeared. After lunch I watched some movies: Paddington (so cute), Head Full of Honey ( a very emitional and cute German film) and Into the Woods. I played some games and we got some snacks and icecream in between. The highlight of the flight was flying over the Bahams, so gorgeous!
We finally arrived in Miami and I was so excited, we took a taxi to the hotel, checked in and had a drink at the pool. Our room had ocean view, which was awesome. Then we went to Lincoln Road for dinner. By the end of that we wee so exhausted and ready for bed ;)

Ocean Drive

The next morning we woke up really early, thanks jet lag ;) After breakfast at Starbucks it was time for the Ocean Drive. Wonderful houses, hotels and lits to look at, some shopping was involved as well and then a yummy lunch at the Bellini restaurant in Ocean Drive. We walked back to the hotel along the beach, which was fantastic, especially seeing these colourful life guard huts. Then it was finally time for the pool!!!

The next day was a pool day with swimming, reading (I finished the BRILLIANT Lucy Robinson book), beach walks and relaxing.

Then it was time to say goodbye to Miami. It was fab!!!
@ Marker 88
We picked up the car and then drove out to Key West. We stopped at Marker 88 to have lunch, right by the sea, it was so beautiful there and the food was yummy. The journey to Key West was gorgeous! You're driving and there is nothing but water right and leftof you, I loved it. On the first evening we enjoyed dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, I had a yummy burger and a Hurricane, then we went to see the beautiful sunset at Mallory Square, breath-taking.

The following day we went to the Southernmost Point, the Hemmingway House and did some shopping. After that we enjoyed the rest of the day at the hotel pool, right by the sea.

We had a big journey in front of us the next day. Up going through all the keys, then into the Everglades (yes, I saw some aligators), on to beautiful Marco Island. We spent the rest of the day at the pool and enjoyed the sunset by the sea, looking at the palm trees and beach huts. Then we went for a delicious dinner, I had some yummy Atlantic salmon.

Marco Island
Naples Pier with a dolphin ;)
Then it was Saturday, we almost have been in Florida for a week already. Pool time with some reading, swimming and a beach walk and then we headed into Naples for a bit if sightseeing, shopping and more. Once again we enjoyed a beautiful sunset at the pier.

Sunday was a quite day with lots of reading, sunbathing, swimming and a bit of golf ;) yes you guys heard right, but I just watched it, the end of the Masters tournament and Jordan Spieth won, yay!!!! We enjoyed a lovely sunset in one of the beach huts and I practised my sommersalts ;)

Monday ment saying goodbye to beautiful Marco Island. But it also meant outlet shopping just north of Naples, there were so many great stores: Coach, Nike, Guess, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger. Awesome stories with better prizes, I won't tell you what I bought though, ket's say there is a long list. Then we drive up to Siesta Key. Most of you know that London and also Vancouver are like my second homes. Well, Siesta Key is as well, ur just feels like coming home. After dropping our suitcases and everything at the appartment ment with beach view, we went to Publix, for food and other things.

Waking up to a beach view is wonderful and having breakfast with one is too ;) After a short visit to Siesta Key village, I bought us tickets to a Tampa Bay playoff game (yay) and then it was time for the pool. I continued reading Just the Way You Are by Lynsey James. Then we went for a walk and collected lots of sea shells for a little project (can't tell you more here 😉) and then we went back up to the room to have lunch, facetime with home and I wa also able to join the #bookbloggers chat about books and films, which was great because my wonderful friend Jenny was hosting. Back at the pool I finished this wonderful book, it's such an amazing story, so proud if you Lynsey. In the evening we enjoyed some pasta with the sunset.

The next day we headed to Waterlefe Golf Course, I don't play gold and actually think it's boring and just takes to long, but I got convinced and the course was really beautiful and I was able to drive around the cart, so that was fun. After that we went to the new utc mall in Sarasota for some shopping and lunch/dinner.

Tampa Bay Lightning
On Thursday we enjoyed a day at the pool and then it was time for some NHL Playoffs hockey. The drive to Tampa over the Sunshine Skyway Bride was great and then the party started. The atmosphere outside of the Amalie Arena was electric and inside it was just awesome!! I bought myself a Lightning shirt and we got some other goodies. The game was fab, Tampa lost, but ut was still a dream come true.

Friday was a day to discove downtown Sarasota, so lovely and then we went to St Armands Key, they have some great restaurant and shops there. In the evening we enjoyed the sunset at the beach.

On Saturday we took a ride to St Armands again, we stopped at Mote Aquarium to look at some sea turtles, manatees and other sea creatures, I was even able to touch some sting rays. Then we drove over Longboat Key to Anna Maria Island. The day ended with some outlet shopping and a cooked meal with beach view.

Our Sunday was quiet with a little stroll through Siesta Village, where I bought some souvenirs and then we spent the rest of the day at the pool. I was reading From Nitting Hill with Love ... Actually, such a fab book! I couldn't put it down.

On Monday we didn't really kniw what to do at first, because the weather was so weird, then we decided to go down to Venice. It really seems a little bit like Utaly down there, with Italian street names and and Italian coffee shops and restaurants. We spent about an hour in a stationary shop, they had so many great things, bought souvenirs there ;) we went on to have lunch and an icecream and then headed to Venice Pier, after that it was mall time jn Sarasota. I bought sime comfy traveling pants in Hollister and the shop assistant was really nice ;) I should have taken him with me. The sunset was not really visable because of the clozds, but they had a great colour afterwards, so it was still worth seeing.
Sunset at Siesta Key Beach

Tuesday was totally dedicated to pool time, swimming, reading and relaxing.
On Wednesday we went to St Armands Circle again and had lunch there, before enjoying our last day at the beach with a beautiful sunset in the end.

On Thursday we went in the road again to Orlando, where we enjoyed some shopping and pool time. In the evening we went to see Pippin, The Musical, it was awesome. I will post the teview later this month. The Friday was a mall day with a delicious meal at Brio, unfortunately, we left for the airport afterwards.

I had an amazing time in Florida, will miss it!!!

Here some things I discovered about America and the people:

- Everybody is so friendly and open. They all asked where we're from and that lead to some nice conversations.
- Every second person in a car is either on the phone or texting.
- Everything is 10 times bigger than what we are used to in Europe.
- Streets are straight and wider. Driving is so different than at home.
- The culture mix is much bigger and the tolarance is so much higher over there.

Here are some more pics:

Anna Maria Island 
Key West Sunset

Marco Island
Marker 88 
Miami Beach

St Armands Circle
St Armands Circle 
Miami Beach 
Southernmost Point, Key West 
Siesta Key Beach 
Marco Island Sunset 
Siesta Key
Siesta Key Sunset
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