Monday, 11 May 2015

Fashion Corner - Florida Summer Chic 1

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Hey my lovelies, the Fashion Corner is back!!! And as promised it's all about Florida. Since I have a lot of outfits to show you it will be in two parts, here is part 1.

The first oufit (left):
Variation with a white Gilly Hicks shirt
 and a beige Longchamp bag

- Shirt (Pacsun)
- Long back and white skirt (Roxy)
- Silver sandals
- Sunglasses (Rayban)
- Watch, pearl earrings and necklace

The second outfit (right): 

- White, grey and yellow Marcain dress
- Silver sandals
- Beige Longchamp bag
- Sunglasses (Rayban)
- Watch, pearl earrings
- Sanddollar necklace
- Seashell and sanddollar bracelet

The third outfit (left):

- White long skirt (Zara)
- Shirt with sparkly collar
- Beige Langchamp bag
- golden sandals
- Sunglasses (Rayban)
- Watch and pearl earrings
- Nailpolish in coral

The forth outfit (right): Perfect for a hockey game

- Skinny jeans, crumples up (Guess)
- Nike shoes in different shades of blue
- Lime green shirt (Back and White)
- Mollerus bag
- Golden bracelet
- Blue cardigan
- Watch and pearl earrings

The fifth outfit (left):

- White shorts (Bershka)
- Pink and white shirt with stripes (Ralph Lauren)
- Sunglasses (Rayban)
- Watch, pearl earrings, necklace

The sixth outfit (right): Elegant

- Black and white dress
- Grey/beige high heels
- Beige Mollerus bag
- Watch, earrings

You'll see the other FL outfits in the June Fashion Corner. 


  1. I absolutely love every outfit here! Spot on perfect for the event at hand. That Roxy skirt looks FANTASTIC on you and I love that Marcain dress! The hockey outfit is perfect-and a cardigan is a MUST HAVE because those arenas are cold!

    Can't wait to see Part II!!!


    1. Thanks my dearest <3 Marcain dress was my mum's ;) I love love love that skirt, bought another with shirt for it, can't wait to try this out. Wasn't too cold in there actually ;) LOVE YOU xxx