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Playing with Fire – by Kat Black

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The blurb:

The steamy story of Annabel Frost and Aidan Flynn continues … Can you handle the heat?

Before Aidan Flynn had swept into her life with the destructive force of a wildfire, Annabel Frost had thought she'd had all she needed from her life. A successful career, financial independence, emotional restraint. Things that were safe, secure, steady. Everything her childhood hadn't been.

Aidan represented none of that. Reckless and risky he'd been the red hot flame that melted the icy layers of her long-frozen heart. Having run from him once, Annabel should have learnt to leave trouble well enough alone.

But now Aidan is back, turning up the heat. And regardless of the danger of getting herself badly burned, Annabel can't seem to resist the temptation to play with this particular fire.

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Playing with Fire is the sequel of Melting Ms Frost. I absolutely loved the first book and I was really excited to dive into Annabel’s and Aidan’s world again.

Aidan’s back and they start properly dating. It was great to see them from a different point of view and I enjoyed getting to know them better. We learn more about Annabel’s childhood and past, which makes her behaviour clearer and more understandable. I liked Aidan much more than in the first book, because he was so understanding, caring and of course very hot and sexy. He gives her space, he takes care of her, the perfect gentleman I’d say.

We also get to know him better in this book. He goes to Ireland, to pursue his plans. That means his family is finally introduced and this beautiful surrounding in Ireland. I loved reading about his home.

The sexy scenes were the best thing about this book! Kat really has a talent when it comes to hot, steamy sex scenes. Full of desire, passion and intense moments.

Annabel had a lot to figure out in this book. Was she finally ready to give herself to Aidan?! She was definitely melting…

In the first part of the book I felt that there was no real storyline, but that changed and the drama increased dramatically, it made me wonder about their future, was there a future for them?! And OMG towards the end it got really intense, powerful and scary at times.

The title is very clever and it fits the whole story and the characters perfectly, in more than one way.

Yet another gripping and marvellous book by Kat Black, I can’t wait for more!!!


My possible cast:

Annabel: Alyssa Campanella

Aidan: Ian Somerhalder

Kat on Twitter: @KatBlackAuthor

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