Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Paris For One – by Jojo Moyes

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The blurb:

Bestselling author Jojo Moyes brings us a charming and heart-warming short story in association with Quick Reads.

Nell is twenty-six and has never been to Paris. She has never even been on a weekend away with her boyfriend. Everyone knows she is just not the adventurous type.

But, when her boyfriend doesn't turn up for their romantic mini-break, Nell has the chance to prove everyone wrong.

Alone in Paris, Nell meets the mysterious moped-riding Fabien and his group of carefree friends. Could this turn out to be the most adventurous weekend of her life?

My Opinion:

I finally got to read another Jojo Moyes book again, it’s a short one, but still.

Nell is at the train station waiting for her boyfriend to arrive. He’s not going to make it, so she goes to Paris alone. What a fun weekend ahead…

It gets worse when she arrives at the hotel and her room is double booked, an American lady book it as well and it’s the last one available. Nell still hopes that her boyfriend turns up, but he cancels.

On Saturday morning she tries to go back home, but it’s just too expensive and when she finds two tickets for an exhibition she goes there. It’s where she meets the waiter again. She gives Fabien the second ticket and they spend the day together.

Fabien is trying to be an author and he somehow is constantly reminded of his ex-girlfriend.

Nell is not sure whether she shall go out with Fabien in the evening, but then she goes for it. It all gets really complicated when her boyfriend turns up. All Nell wants is to be with Fabien. She tries to find him…

I loved how free these two were, when they were together. No commitments, no rush, no nothing and I guess that’s what attracted them to each other. And they were able to be themselves.

A cute little story, about an adventurous weekend full of freedom, fun and passion. Jojo’s style is fresh and sweet and the story was a real pleasure to read.


My possible cast:

Nell: Leighton Meester

Fabien: Hugo Becker

Jojo Moyes on Twitter: @jojomoyes

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