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A Mother’s Story – by Amanda Prowse

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The blurb:

The unputdownable new novel from bestseller Amanda Prowse.

Jessica has just had the wedding of her dreams, and now she's setting up a new home with her lawyer husband Matthew. Even better - they are expecting a child.

As they paint the nursery and shop for babygros, she plans for the joy that motherhood will bring. But Jessica's experience is far from joyous. Why isn't she transformed by maternal feelings? Where is the all-consuming love she's supposed to feel for her child?

No-one told her that being a mum was so lonely and terrifying. No-one told her you don't always love your baby. Perhaps it’s best if Jessica keeps that dark secret to herself for now...

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

A Mother’s Story was my first book by Amanda Prowse and I instantly fell in love with her writing! This book is amazing, make sure you keep the tissues close though.

The story follows Jessica, who is happily married to Matthew. I loved reading about the two of them, such an adorable couple.
Their life changes when daughter Lilly is born, or should I rather say Jess changes?! Her maternal feelings are not there and she doesn’t really feel anything. Dealing with her postnatal depression is hard for Jessica and she tries to hide it from everybody, even Matt.
Matt was amazing though and he was so sweet with his daughter.

I was happy they both had their parents and friends. They were like a rock, helping out wherever they could. Matt needed a lot of patience and I was curious how much he needed to loose it.

The chapters were always followed by a journal entry of Jess being in a clinic. We don’t know why she is there (yet), so it makes the story more interesting and dramatic. I wanted to find out the whole story and I loved going on that journey. The ending was kept open, I never knew in which direction the whole story could develop and that is what makes a storyline enthralling and fascinating. 
In the chapters we read about their everyday life and how Jess is coping with the whole situation, only step by step the truth is revealed.

Amanda has a delicate and touching style of writing and I couldn’t put the book down, it’s so gripping! The story is thought provoking and very emotional. Amanda has found a gentle way to deal with a really difficult topic, but it’s still opening eyes and talking about something unusual, something people don’t talk about. I really admire Amanda for writing about it. The characters were genuine and real, their feelings were described in a wonderful way and it made me feel so close to the characters.

The epilogue was one of the sweetest ones I’ve ever read!

A Mother’s Story is an outstanding and remarkable book, with a lot of depth and strength. I can’t wait to read more of her stories!!!


My possible cast:

Jessica: Nicola Peltz

Matt: Chris Evans

Amanda on Twitter: @MrsAmandaProwse

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