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Wild Addiction – by Emma Hart

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The blurb:

In this sizzling conclusion to WILD TEMPTATION, Liv and Tyler see the boundaries of their addictions pushed to new limits as their heads battle with their hearts for an explosive fall into the depths of love…

I gave him my body, and he gave me no strings. It was that simple… in the beginning.

I never could have imagined my temptation could become my addiction. If I knew for a second how entirely Tyler Stone would consume me, I never would have handed him my body so freely.

His addiction feeds mine. My cravings ignite his. Together we are dangerous. Destructive. Obsessive. Wild.

But now it’s too late. We’re bound by more than our inexplicable need for the other, and the ties that hold us together are irreversible.

He craves my body. I crave his heart.
This is addiction.

Wild Addiction is book two of the WILD series. It is preceded by Wild Attraction, a free prequel, and Wild Temptation, the first full-length novel.

My Opinion:

In Wild Addiction Liv and Tyler’s story continues.

The relationship between Liv and Tyler gets more serious and deep, they finally admit their feelings and try to deal with their addiction.

I especially liked seeing a different side of Tyler. He was always very arrogant and all about sex. But in this book he opened open and we saw a caring and sweet side of him. I really liked this mixture.

Liv goes through a lot in this book and I was glad she had her best friend Dayton throughout the story. It was awesome reading about Dayton and Aaron again, especially with their big day coming up.

I was really happy for Live and Tyler and I loved reading their scenes and special moments. Emma has an incredible way to describe these moments, very detailed, passionate and rich! I felt the bond between them through the book.

When Liv has big news I really admired how Tyler dealt with it, something I couldn’t have imagined at the beginning of their story.

Emma once again showed that she is a brilliant writer. She broke my heart and then put it back together again. I think this ist he best conclusion to Tyler’s and Liv’s story and the ending is open, so that each reader can fill it with his or her own imagination.


My possible cast:

Liv: Rosie Huntongton Whitely

Tyler: Bernardo Velasco

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Twitter: @EmmaHartAuthor

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