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Surviving The Rachel – by Aven Ellis + Excerpt

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The blurb:

Life after college graduation is not at all what twenty-one-year-old Bree Logan expected. Unable to find a professional communications job, dumped by the guy who was THE ONE, and stuck with a pricey city apartment she can’t afford, Bree ends up moving back home with her parents in the suburbs and working as a cocktail waitress at a posh Chicago hotel.

In a desperate attempt to get a fresh start, Bree goes to a hip salon and requests that the first available stylist chop off her long dark hair. Alarmed when the stylist suggests “The Rachel,” after the famous haircut from the show Friends, Bree is hesitant, but decides to go for it when she is assured it will be a “fresh, modern adaptation” of the infamous 90’s cut. Unfortunately for Bree, it turns out to be exactly the same cut, but with horrific heavy bangs added to it. Hideous doesn’t even begin to describe it.
Bree is convinced nothing will ever go right when she meets neighbor Jack Chelten, a twenty-five-year-old German translator. Not that Bree is looking to date anyone, but there's something quirky and intriguing about his freckle-splashed face and blue eyes. And suddenly Bree finds herself seeking out different opportunities and challenges . . . as well as the boy next door.

In her new adult life, Bree learns that sometimes you have to go through crises to get to where you need to be. And if you can survive The Rachel, you can survive anything, right?

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the author in exchange of an honest review*

Here it is, the next Aven Ellis beauty!!!! Thanks you Aven for including my in this journey, it has been amazing so far and I’m looking forward to more ;)
Instead of coming out next February, it’s released now, which is awesome!!

The cover is stunning!!!

Bree Logan lives back at home with her parents. Her boyfriend Alex broke up with her and she is trying to find a job. After graduating from University in Arizona, it’s finally time to start the real life, but how?!

The fresh start starts with a new haircut, with “The Rachel”, and then everything is about to change in her life…

Bree struggles to find a job and I know top well, what that means. I had to apply and fight for a long time, until the right one came along. The waiting was worth it, but I had a hard time… That’s why I can relate to Bree so well and it seems that we are similar in other ways as well. She is passionate, confident, smart and has a big heart.

Then she meets Jack Chelten, the boy next door. He is garding has grandparent’s house. The way the meet for the first time is funny and sweet and it includes a dog ;) They hit it off immediately… At a barbecue we also meet the other characters in the book, which means Bree’s parents and sister Shannon and Jack’s brother Eric, who turns out to be a real jerk, being jealous.

The understanding between Jack and Bree is amazing, he is there for her from the start and seems to be able to read her really well. They get to know each other fast and they really enjoy each other’s company. He can help her with a job and when they practise for the interview and spend time in her garden, it happens. This is one of the sweetest and most beautifully described kisses and romantic scenes ever. Their feelings sparkle and they are surrounded by these fireflies -just magical.

Jack Chelten shows that a really nice guy can be very very sexy. The way he treats her and the way he says things… I fell in love with him as well. He’s so attentive, passionate, smart, caring, sexy, funny and I truly believe that he is the perfect match for Bree. They make each other complete.

Bree takes different opportunities and chances and lets herself be they way she is with Jack. Jack and Bree shared a lot of beautiful moments in this book, each one special and unique. The writing made it all seem so real, authentic and genuine and the most important thing: It came from the heart, include all the emotions and feelings. Thank you Aven for creating such a wonderful and marvellous story.

Eric and all their relatives and also their exs added some misunderstandings and drama to this story, which was really entertaining at times.

I loved the German touch of it all, with Jack being a German translator. It gave the story this extra spark.
And then there are the Friend’s episodes. I love Friends and it was great to read about the different episodes and characters. It showed how important it was for the two of them and it made their bond even stronger.

I was over the moon to read about Avery and Deke as well, our faves from Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista.

The story is unique and full of special moments and glimmering scenes. I was taken into the story immediately, the brilliant writing makes it easy to dive into this world. The storyline is flawless and the characters were perfectly lined, very genuine and relatable.
The places in Chicago were described in a rich and gorgeous way, it makes me wanna go there more and more, especially around autumn and Christmas.

Aven really know how to engage the reader and she finds a way o make each and every single moment in her books memorable and unique. She definitely knows how to touch a heart!!! I couldn’t put this book down, it’s an AMAZING MASTERPIECE!!!


My possible cast:

Bree: Jessica Lowndes

Jack Chelten: Rodrigo Calazans

Aven on Twitter: @AvenEllis
Website: http://www.avenellis.com
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EXCERPT- Surviving the Rachel

Now it’s just me and Jack.
“Firefly,” he says, breaking the silence.
“What?” I laugh.
“Right there, hold on a second,” Jack says, pointing near the pond. “There!”
And I see it. A firefly lights up the darkness for a brief second, a flash of yellow in the dark sky.
“I condemned many fireflies to a sad death in a Cool Whip container in my childhood,” I admit, laughing.
“Did you poke holes on the top?” he teases.
“Of course! I didn’t try to suffocate them on purpose.”
“I was not,” I giggle.
“Challenge for you,” Jack says. “Can you still catch one?”
“Absolutely I can.”
“Prove it.”
“Oh, okay, you’re on. First one to catch five wins,” I say, throwing down my own challenge.
“I’ve so got this,” he declares.
So we both get up and begin catching fireflies. We’re laughing and teasing each other and before I know it, I have bested Jack.
“That’s five,” I declare happily, snatching the fifth firefly. I open up my palm to reveal it to him, and then I release it to the night sky.
And in a way, I feel released, too. I’m releasing the negativity about the job search, and I’m starting new tomorrow with Jack’s help. I gaze at his profile, and I know this German-speaking boy next door has something—if not everything-to do with this newfound feeling I have.
He turns and catches me looking at him. We don’t say anything for a moment, and another firefly flashes light between us.
“I guess I should be heading home,” he says softly.
“So I’ll see you tomorrow for sushi?”
“Yes,” I say, smiling back at him. “And I’ll send you my resume right now.”
Jack nods. “Okay then. I’ll see you tomorrow. And thank you for tonight.”
“I should be thanking you,” I say softly.
He turns and begins walking across the grass. I cross my arms over my chest, his sweatshirt still keeping me warm. Jack suddenly stops and turns to me.
“’Hochzeit mit Hindernissen,’” Jack says.
I begin laughing. “What?”
“The German title for ‘The One with Monica and Chandler’s Wedding,’” Jack says, grinning at me. “That’s one of my favorite Friends episodes.”
Another firefly lights up in front of me as I watch him walk away. And then I realize that’s what Jack is to me.
He’s like a firefly who has lit up the darkness.
And I find myself drawn to his light.



  1. Can see why you're excited about this one. Might give it a try!

    1. All her books are great :) If you like chick-lit/romance you'll love this one x

  2. I really like your blog. I like wearing dresses in the winter too.
    Jayme Silvestri