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LONDON over NYE 2014/2015

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Seven Dials, Covent Garden
Finally, on Dec 28th I left for London with my mum. Some friends, who took the same flight, picked us up. We left early, because it was snowing like crazy. We were at the airport early, but it was okay, we had time for a coffee and a croissant.
We boarded the plane on time and then we had to sit there and wait until they de-iced the whole thing. We were about an hour delayed.

After checking in and taking a short break, we went to Covent Garden. I love it there and it looked even more beautiful with all the Christmas decorations. We continued with a bit of shopping around in the area to Neal Street and SuperDry close to our hotel. Our hotel is just located in Mercer Street, still part of Seven Dials. The hotel is perfect, close to shops, close to theatres and it’s quiet.
I bought a blue sparkly cardigan at Karen Millen. I was really hoping to find something like that, to complete my NYE outfit.
Aaron Tveit at Assassins
Back at the hotel we changed into something elegant and freshened up. Then we took a taxi to the Menier Chocolate Factory. Our theatre friend reserved a table in the restaurant. We were the first ones to arrived and ordered some beer, and then our friends arrived. We were six in total. The dinner was delicious, especially the chocolaty desert ;) A part of the menu was adapted to the show (Assassins). We just had to walk a few meters and there it was the theatre. But before I can tell you more about the theatre, there is something else: While eating the cast members walked through the restaurant to the theatre and of course Aaron Tveit had to walk through as well and he came, he wasn’t even a meter away. I had my back to the door and when he came in, my mum just said: A good-looking guy just came in…
Now the theatre: I was awesome, kind of in a basement, row on the left and on the right with some spooky music and props. The actors played in the middle and we sat in forth row. It was great to have them so close. The show was amazing, awesome acting, great songs and so much more. If you wanna know more, come back to this place, I will post a review in February.
Well, after the show we went to have a drink in the bar and then he came out – AARON TVEIT – I got my program signed and he took a picture with me!!! He’s so nice and I loved seeing him live on stage – best day ever!!!

Carnaby Street
Let’s get to Monday now. Monday was shopping day. We walked down Shaftesbury Avenue to Piccadilly Circus, where we started. Then we did the shops up Regent Street and some places nearby. Of course we also went to Abercrombie and Fitch, where I bought two jumpers. Regent Street has some great shops: Massimo Dutti and Banana Republic. Before we went to them, we were hungry and left Regent Street for the Carnaby Street area, there is a nice Italian/Spanish/French place there, where we had lunch. Then we did Carnaby Street; I bought two pairs of trousers. Then we went back to Regent Street. It was very busy there in the afternoon and after some more hours we were exhausted and went back to the hotel.
London Eye View

On the 30th my dad arrived in the morning. We booked the fast track at the London Eye and looked at London from up there. I did it already in 2012, but London has changed so much already. The view up there is breath taking. After that we walked up to Big Ben and then we took at taxi to Harrods, where we had lunch inside at the Rotisserie. We always go there to have chicken, it’s delicious. Then we took the time to walk around in Harrods and I bought some souvenirs. Down in the Knightsbridge area there are a lot of shops, so we had a look at them, went back to Harrods for an early dinner before going to the Victoria Palace Theatre to see Billy Elliott – what a great show, a review will follow in February as well.

Pat Elliott
On the 31st it was finally time to meet up with Pat Elliott, a lovely author I met on Twitter. I went to the apple store at Covent Garden with my parents and then waited for her. We walked around Covent Garden and then down to Somerset House. It’s so beautiful there, with the tree and the ice rink. We sat down there and had lunch. It also gave us the possibility to talk – a lot. After that we walked around the city, up to Oxford Street, where we met my parents. It was wonderful meeting Pat, she is a great person!!!
After saying goodbye to Pat we went into some shops in Oxford Street before going to Hyde Park to the Winter Wonderland. It was around 4 pm and it was almost dark already. Winter Wonderland is awesome, it’s very big and there are lots of different things to see. We had some mulled wine there.
NYE outfit
After that we went back to the hotel to get ready for the night. We booked a table at the Murano restaurant. I was wearing my black jumpsuit with some black high heels, my new cardigan and my statement necklace. Dinner was delicious, we had an eight-course meal and the cook “Angela Hartnett” came out to great us. At midnight we were celebrating with the whole staff at the restaurant. Our main waiter was German and he was very nice. After the meal w walked back to the hotel. The streets were full of people, who went to see the fireworks. We didn’t see them; we watched them afterwards on TV. There weren’t any tickets available anymore, but that was okay, we had a great night.

On the last day we walked to Trafalgar Square and spent about an hour at Waterstones. Books are so much cheaper in the UK, I practically had to buy them. We saw a part of the New Year’s parade and them went back to the Covent Garden area, walked around and looked into some shops again,
Oxford Street
before going to Jaime’s Italian for lunch. Jamie’s Italian is great and the food is amazing.
Then my London holidays came to an end… We passed St. Paul’s and the Tower on the way to the airport, which was a great end.

I had an amazing time in London. The city is just fantastic; I really love my second home. I can’t wait to go back again and it will probably be soon: In March, when I’m going to see some lovely author and blogger friends.

My highlight of this trip:

-       Seeing Aaron Tveit live on stage and meeting him after the show
-       The London Eye
-       Meeting Pat Elliott
-       NYE

Everything was marvellous though!!! See you soon LONDON!!!

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  1. Sounds amazing. What a lovely way to spend New Year's Eve.

  2. It was a highlight meeting you too! I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent together, including all the talking ;-) xx

  3. WHAT A FANTASTIC TRIP! And Simona-your NYE outfit-OH MY GOD chic and sexy!! You look GORGEOUS!!! xo