Saturday, 17 January 2015

Hiltl – The Vegetarian Restaurant

Whenever I go to Zurich to meet friends or go shopping I have lunch/dinner at the Hiltl. It’s my favourite restaurant. It’s a Vegetarian restaurant... Don’t get me wrong I’m not a vegetarian, but the food is awesome there.

The restaurant is very popular, all business people go to lunch there and if you don’t have a reservation, it’s hard to get a table.

They have lots of homemade drinks, each one is special and unique and I still take them same every time. It’s an iced tea, but so very very good. As for the food, they have a great menu, with lots of meals from all over the world. I always take the buffet, which means I can load my plate with yummy salad, vegetables and much more.

The interior is amazing, mixing different styles and epochs. The atmosphere in the
restaurant is great and the staff.

The Hiltl has lots of funny cards for their promotion, always using food in a special way. They are using vegetables to make a picture of something with meat – something they don’t have…. What a clever idea. Here are some examples:

So if you get the chance to visit me in Switzerland, we’ll definitely go there…


  1. This place looks fabulous! I would definitely like to go there.

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