Sunday, 18 January 2015

Do You Take This Man? – by Sophie King

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The blurb:

One bride, two choices. What if...

Do You Take This Man? The brand new novel by the bestselling author of The School Run.

Katie is getting married to Alec ... or is she?

Have you ever wondered ‘what if …’ you had made a different decision in life? Would another choice have taken you down a totally different path? Would life have been better or worse? Would you have ended up with someone different?

In Do You Take This Man? we follow Katie’s two lives and find out what happens to her if she says ‘I do’ and what happens if she stands up her groom.

In many ways, Katie’s two separate realities couldn’t be further apart. But we also see how there are some people and situations you can’t avoid, and that perhaps some things are meant to happen whatever choices you make in life.

In the tradition of the classic film Sliding Doors, Do You Take This Man? will keep you gripped and guessing to the end!

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the a publisher in exchange for an honest review*

This book sounded great, like my kind of thing! Unfortunately I turned out to be disappointing, let me explain why.

The story follows Katie, who is unsure whether to marry Alec or not. When it comes to the wedding day the story splits into two parts. Katie marrying him and Cat (Katie changing her name) running away. I think that’s a really great idea, so the reader gets both sides, what happened in her life marrying Alec or the other version with her starting a life without Alec. I enjoyed it in the beginning, but the more the story continued the more got added and it was too much in my opinion. The characters were the same, with her meeting them at different stages of her life. It got a bit confusing and it kind of stopped the flow. It also moved forward really fast, with getting pregnant, having more children, them growing up etc.
That felt a little unnatural to me.

There were a lot of characters involved, a lot of them not properly lined out. Katie and Cat were described in a good way, but I couldn’t relate to either of them, which made it hard to understand her and her decisions. I couldn’t understand some of her actions.

There was a lot of drama included in this story, which I usually like a lot, but yet again it was kind of too much. A fire here, an accident there… It just didn’t make sense for me.

One thing I liked, was that it kept me guessing until the end. It could have turned out in different ways and that kept me I guess.

This book was definitely not for me, for several reasons and I can’t give more than 2 stars, unfortunately.


My possible cast:

Katie: Kelly Reilly

Sophie on Twitter: @sophiek_writer

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