Saturday, 3 January 2015

My Favourite Authors of 2014

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 - Aven Ellis
- Holly Martin
- Amelia Thorne
  - Lisa Dickenson
- Katy Regnery
- Alexandra Brown
- Jenny Hale
- Rebecca Raisin
- Miranda Dickinson
- Hannah Beckerman
- Lindsey Kelk
- Sarah Morgan
- Lucy Robinson

2014 has been a great reading year for me. I’ve read ... books in total, by so many great authors, it was hard to make a decision, but I did. Here are my thoughts.
Aven Ellis: My year has been full of Aven Ellis books and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE her style.  Her characters are awesome and the stories are so vivid, emotional and just amazing! And I have to add: I’m in love with her male characters. Each of her boks has it’s own spark and uniqueness. The story lines have a great flow and Aven takes you right into the character’s world with her writing!

Holly Martin: She has written real masterpieces this year, starting with The Guestbook, followed by One Hundred Proposals and One Hundred Christmas Proposals. Especially Harry’s and Suzie’s story has found a place in my heart. Holly is a genius! Her writing is just amazing, emotional and brilliant!

Amelia Thorne: With Beneath the Moon and the Stars Amelia wrote an emotional masterpiece!!! It’s full of heart, real feelings, a brilliantly written storyline, authentic characters and so much more. Amelia Throne is such a talented author and she has an amazing voice!

Lisa Dickenson: The author with a young, fresh and vivid voice. Her books are full of sparks and great scenes. The concept behind her books is clever and makes them unique. I enjoyed every single second of her stories.

Katy Regnery: Here is my QUEEN OF RIMANCE!!! Katy Regnery writes romantic and magical stories. She has found a great mix in the scenes and lets us see the female and the male side of things. I love her Heart of Montana series <3. Her current series The English Brothers is sexy and passionate and then the highlight: The Vixen and the Vet – amazing!

Alexandra Brown: Alex has created a wonderful series with the Carrington’s series. The characters are perfectly lined out, very relatable and sweet. The drama and the passion make this story unique and special. Also with her newest book The Great Christmas Knit Off Alex has created a wonderful world full of magic.

Jenny Hale: Jenny is amazing! Her books Love Me For Me and A Christmas to Remember are one of my faves from last year. Her writing is unique and romantic. I loved diving into the stories and I couldn’t put the books down. They are so emotional and authentic, just perfect.

Rebecca Raisin: Her world in Ashford is beautiful. Most of her published books are set there and the place is so magical. The wonderful characters make it more real and loveable. Rebecca writes magnificent stories with depth, real feelings and magic. I’m in love…

Miranda Dickinson: Miranda has written so many books already, I haven’t read them all yet, but her newest I’ll Take New York is just FANTASTIC! I devoured it and couldn’t put it down!

Hannah Beckerman: Hannah’s debut novel The Dead Wife’s Handbook took my breath away! Hannah is a very talented and gifted writer. Her style is different and very emotional and touching.

Lindsey Kelk: Lindsey is here for my feel good/awesome moments. Her writing style is fresh, young and sooo funny! What A Girl Wants is the perfect book!!! Lindsey manages to put a smile on my face every time with her awesome characters and great storyline!!!

Sarah Morgan: Sarah Morgan shows us different sides and she is brilliant in all of them. I loved her Notting Hill Diaries, but most of all I adored Maybe This Christmas, the third book in the Snow Crystal series, it was great to be back in this world and the book and the writing are just fabulous!

Lucy Robinson: Lucy manages to put a huge smile on my face with her books. Her writing is funny, detailed, lively, bubbly and full of heart. Her characters are genuinely real, touchable and down to earth and all her books have such a flow with an authentic storyline. Lucy found the perfect way to combine humor with emotions. 

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  1. Haven't read some of them but will look out for them now x