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Wedding Night - by Sophie Kinsella

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The blurb:

Lottie just wants to get married – to the right man, of course. She’s sure her boyfriend is about to propose.

So when the proposal doesn’t happen and she meets her first love from long ago, Lottie decides on drastic action. They’ll get married right now, with no engagement, no fuss and, above all, nos ex until after they’re safely married. It’s the perfect plan.

On the other hand ...

Fliss is in the middle of a nightmare divorce and just wants her little sisiter to avoid the mistaks she made. She decides Lottie’s marriage hast o be stopped at all costs and chases (un)happy couple to their romantic honeymoon venue on a Greek Island.

Will Lottie have a wedding night to remember ... or one to forget?

My Opinion:

When I first started reading the book I didn’t really like it. It took me quite a while to get into the story, but when I did I couldn't put it down. Only when Ben and then also Lorcan come along I got hooked. 

What about Lottie’s and Ben’s Wedding Night? Or what will Fliss do to stop them?

When Lorcan and Lottie’s ex-boyfriend Richard come along everything gets more complicated. As a reader you can feel the attraction between Fliss and Locran the first moment they meet. And you feel so sad for Richard and he is such a sweetheart. The fact that he wants to fly to Ikonos (the honeymoon destination of Lottie and Ben) and get her back is just soooooo romantic.

The honeymoon doesn’t really go the way Ben and Lottie planned. Whenever they have another go at their Wedding Night something goes wrong. It was so much fun to read these different scenes.

Richard, Fliss and Locran meet at the airport all on the way to Ikonos, for different reasons though. Fliss wants to stop the Wedding Night, Richard just wants Lottie back and Lorcan is there for business. However, there is a problem with their flight and they have to stop over in Sofia. That gives Lorcan and Fliss time to talk and the tension between them is huge. However, Fliss tells him to much. She tells him about her plan to stop the Wedding Night. He doesn’t understand her. The atmosphere between them is really weird the next morning. However, they understand each other really well, because they were both married and know how hard a divorce can be. In Ikonos it’s her who tells him what she thinks about him and all his ideas and then he realises what his future holds. The ups and downs between them made almost scream, I just wanted them to be together.
The co-narration of the two sisters is great. We got insight to both their thoughts and feelings and they were still connected all the time. 
Ikonos is wonderful to read about and it makes you want to book holidays immediately.

The ending is sweet, cute and so much fun.

I couldn’t put the book down, I really got addicted to it. Now I really want to read more about Lorcan and Fliss, because I think they’re perfect for each other and there is so much chemistry between them.
This story is soooo funny and full of laugh-out-loud moments.


My possible cast:

Lottie: Lea Michele

Fliss: Rachel Bilson

Richard: Erik Dane

Ben: Adam Gregory

Lorcan: Adam Brody

Sophie Kinsella on Twitter: @KinsellaSophie

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