Saturday, 15 February 2014

My trip to Germany

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After my 5 weeks internship, it was finally time to go to Germany to meet the lovely Isabell from
We've been planning it for a while and I was so excited to finally meet her.

Firstly, to clear that up: We didn't know each other in person before, we meet on the fan site The Toonies and started writing messages.

I left early on Saturday morning by train. I took the train to Zurich, from there I went to Stuttgart and then Heilbronn, where she picked me up. I used the train ride to read some book of course: I finished Midsummer Sweetheart by Katy Regnery and then started The Dead Wife’s Handbook by Hannah Beckerman.

Pasta time in Vapiano
We agreed to talk German, since it's our first language, but on the way I was still writing messages in English. In Heilbronn we went to eat something first in a restaurant called Vapiano. It was delicious, I had pasta with a mushroom sauce. Well, my brother told me about this restaurant and we even have two of them in Zurich, but we don't really know it in Switzerland.
After that we walk through the city and went into some of the shops, also a books store of course ;) Unfortunately they didn't have a big collection of English books. I banned myself from banning books anyway, knowing that on my way home I'm going to the English book store in Zurich.

After that we took the train to her house, where I settled in and we exchanged some things, of course we already got talking about our blogs and books in general. 
The same evening we went to the cinema to see Vaterfreuden, a German movie, it was hilarious, trailer: (It's in German though, sorry)

Then we have Sunday, Isa and her mum took me to a lovely and local cafe for breakfast, we had Prosecco, omelettes, bread, cheese (I don't like it, but they had some), fruit, coffee etc. It was fabulous, just too much for me, since I'm not a big breakfast eater.
Our next stop was Öhringen city, the town they live in. It has a beautiful castle and park, the weather wasn't too nice though. The rest of the day we spent with watching the Olympics, movies, bloggin... Just chilling and relaxing, which was great as well. In the evening there was a German Cecelia Ahern movie on tv, it was romantic and cute.

Church in Öhringen
Castle in Öhringen

On Monday we went to Heidelberg, it took us about 2 hours to get there by train and then we went to see the castle first, it's beautiful and you also have a breath-taking view on the city. We couldn't enjoy it that much, because it was so freaking cold with a nasty wind. Back down in the city we went to eat something first and then it was time for shopping. For me the shopping in Germany is great, because it's much cheaper and there were sales everywhere. I bought some lovely presents, a handbag, nail polish and cosmetics.
Of course we also went to the bookstores in Heidelberg and surprise surprise: We didn’t buy any books.
For the evening we met up with one of Isa's friends to go see a concert. Her friend is also studying to be a teacher, so it was interesting to compare and exchange thoughts about the educational systems in both countries.
The concert was great, especially the piano part.
On the way home we were really exhausted, but we had a great time.

Bookstore in Zurich
After breakfast on Tuesday it was time to say goodbye. On the way home I read again and I was able to finish Hannah Beckerman’s brilliant book and I wrote the review right in the train as well. In Zurich I made a little stop to go the the only English book store I know and bought some beauties with my gift card.

I had such a lovely time and it was great to get to know Isabell better and meet her in person. I wish our big blogger family could do that once as well. Well, I'll let you all know for sure when I'm coming to the UK next time.

Hope you all liked this little trip report. Here are some more photos to enjoy for you:
Castle in Heidelberg
Pharmacy Museum
See these lovely books? :) - EN bookstore Zurich
So last but not least, there is little Simona in front of a huge barrel. Can you see me?


  1. Aw, yay! I loved reading through this and looking through your photos. What an awesome experience!

  2. What a fantastic trip! The pictures are amazing, thank you for sharing them. Love you girls!

    1. Thanks my dearest :) Hope you're having a great weekend :) Love you too xxx

  3. Wow.. Fantastic post!! I can see you had so much fun. I love Cecelia Ahern's movie. Was it PS I love you? one of good friend just moved to Zurich and she keeps lamenting about not finding English bookstore.. Glad you found one!!

    -Ini @ Ini's Ravishing Reads

    1. Thanks Ini and nice to meet you :) Just had a look on your blog, looks lovely. No it was not PS I Love you, Cecelia wrote story for the TV program me, there is no book about it.
      Oh really? There is especially one only English book store. Let me know, if she wants to know more. x

  4. Looks like you girls had an amazing time! Lovely post and pictures, S.! xx

  5. What a lovely blog post about your trip, I loved living in Germany as a child although I have to confess I only learnt a little German most of which I have forgotten!

    It sounds like you had a lovely time with Isabell, it's great that you've been able to make the step from online friendship to meeting in person.

    1. Hey Sharon
      Thanks for your comment :) I'm sure you could pick it up again, just visit us ;)
      Yes, we had a great time. That's so true, I guess it was possible because we live quite close to each other. Well, I had about 5 hours by train.
      I wish I could meet you all once, our big blogger family :) x