Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Bridesmaids - by Jane Costello

Original Cover
My own copy
The blurb:

With less than an hour to go before her best friend is to walk down the aisle, Evie is attempting to fulfill her most important role as bridesmaid: to deposit the bride at the start-line.
Although the odds appear stacked against her, she at least has her new ‘chicken fillets’ to boost her confidence. Until, that is, they are witnessed popping out of her dress by the dazzlingly handsome Jack.
Evie is twenty-seven, a sparkly, down-to-earth journalist who has never been in love and has started to think that she never will be. Small wonder then that the prospect of so many impending weddings fills her with utter trepidation.
When Jack starts becoming a regular fixture at the nuptials, however, things really start looking up.
Only between her discovery that he’s dating the self-obsessed Valentina, and an unfortunate incident with a 10-inch vibrator, not everything goes quite as Evie might have hoped…

My Opinion:

Evie is a charismatic character, who’s not really the relationship type. She goes from wedding to wedding and on the first wedding she finally meets THE man.

Well, it’s not that easy though. There are a lot of misunderstandings, drama and funny moments in between.

I really enjoyed reading this novel, although I have to say compared to the other Jane Costello books I’ve read, I was a little disappointed.
The story seemed interesting, but it took me quiet a while to get into it.

There was a moment when the story finally caught me and it got more lively. The characters became more realistic and I couldn’t put the book down anymore, because I wanted to find out more and more.
Jack was a pleasure to read about. A lovely main male character.

There was a lot of drama going on next to the main story and for me it was a bit much, although the ideas for themselves were great.

The ending was really sweet and full of true love.

Jane’s writing was gripping and full of LOL moments and I really liked the story in the end, although it took me a while to get there.
A funny story, with lots of ups and downs, plenty of romance and weddings!!!!


My possible cast:

Evie: Lauren Conrad

Jack: Ian Harding

Valentina: Emma Roberts

Grace: Alyssa Campanello

Charlotte: Nikki Blonsky

Jane Costello on Twitter: @janecostello

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