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Quote - One Perfect Summer/Christmas

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Whoo hoo it's quote time again. This time I took them out of Paige Toon's One Perfect Summer and One Perfect Christmas.

First of all I asked some lovely blogger friends to share their ONE PERFECT SUMMER, their favorite summer memory.

Ana from This Chick Reads: Last summer vacation to Greece. It was first vacation for baby Luka and ours as a 4 member family:) Unforgettable! 

Victoria from Victoria Loves Books: Being 4 months pregnant and CONSTANTLY sick and having our first holiday as a couple. We went to Devon. I was sick everyday and then he dragged me on a boat. Sea sickness and morning sickness! Fun

Compelling Reads2012 we took out little boy on a plane for the first time and he was so excited about the take off - was looking out the window and giggling :) then slept the whole way until time to land and was fascinated and giggling again. It was June 2012 and we went to Majorca - he was 9 months.

Victoria BrowneI liked to climb trees and explore with my friends, mainly boys. On this particular day we found a secrete river that was hidden by houses, enclosed by the garden fences and riverbank wall. Ivey and other weeds strangled the flowers as we crept along the beds of the bank. Water bubbled filled my trainers, like little fish nipping at food. The water was calf deep and murky but I didn’t care much as I followed my friends Lee, Adam, Luke, and Karl down the river stopping to look at a hedgehog curled up in a ball tucked up against a fence. The river ran for what seemed like miles and miles behind little terraced houses standing to attention, the gardens posed as temporary housing for small children and their sand pits, and overly egger dads chasing their off spring with buckets of water laughing at their shrills of joy.  I wondered if the river had an end and if so where. My mind briefly danced with thoughts of a large reservoir and the possibility that if we kept walking we may slip over the edge of a waterfall and splash down into the crystal clear water. A tug on my hand banished the thoughts and replaced them with a vision of two beady eyes and two fat red cheeks grinning at me demanding that I must keep up.

Eventfully we came to a dark tunnel. It looked dirty. I didn’t want to enter but couldn’t leave my friends. I didn’t know the way home. I hesitated letting the others go first then bent and followed them in. We couldn’t see any light at the other end. I wondered how far the tunnel stretched and if it had an end, or maybe, just maybe it lead out to the top of a beautiful waterfall presiding a crystal clear reservoir. Excitement filled my shadowed face, as I pressed deeper inside the black-bricked hole. Someone lit a lighter to help us see. Suddenly the tunnel came to life. Moths frantically beat their small wings bouncing off the walls flying in all directions. Screams echoed in the tunnel. I ran bent over with my hands covering my head back the way I came, I didn’t care if anyone was following me I just ran until I was out of the tunnel brushing my hair with my hands jumping up and down. Four large boys bundled out after me screaming and bagging their hands about their heads freeing any bugs. Nervous laughter followed, then a debate. Two votes to wait for the bugs to settle and try again with out light, one vote to make a run for it now back in to the and hope all the bugs where out. Deliberation. We surveyed the wall to the tunnel to see if we could climb over and along to re-joining the river on the other side. I pulled at the green Ivey looking to see if there was any purchase for climbing and heaved my small body up. Falling, fat cheeks caught me shaking his head. If the Ivey couldn’t hold my weight what hope did the boys have?  Deliberation over and we decided that the tunnel had defeated us ending our adventure, for that day at least.

My own memory: In 2007 I went to Canada with my family. We spent 3 weeks on the West Coast, Vancouver precicely. We have some relatives there and it was great to see them again. Vancouver is such a beautiful city and fell in love with it, that's why I also went back there for my language stay in 2010. We went to Whistler, Vancouver Island and then also Jasper, Banff, Lake Louise, Kelowna etc. The nature there is incredible, beautiful lakes, mountains and landscapes. The last week we spent in Toronto and the Niagara Falls. It was amazing! I'm so grateful to my parents to show me this beautiful country.

Now here come my favorite quotes out of One Perfect Summer:

„POW! I know how crazy this sounds, but it feels like my heart has just leapt out of my chest and slammed into him.“ – Alice

„I adore him.. I fancy him...I need him, I’m obsessed by him.“ – Alice

„Where is Joe? Why didn’t he come to find me?“ – Alice

„I love you so much. I can’t imagine ever loving anyone more ...“ – Joe

„I’ve never stopped loving her.“ – Joe

„I love you. I want to be with you forever.“ – Joe

Quotes out of One Perfect Christmas:

 „My heart skips a beat as his dark eyes meet mine.“ – Alice

„Happiness floods me and I can barley contain myself. He’s here. He’s here. He’s here . . .“ – Alice

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