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*BOOK SWAP - I Love The 80s by Megan Crane*

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Today I have not a normal review for you guys. The wonderful and amazing "The Girl in The Moonlight" and I decided to do a book swap and recommend each other a book to read and then review for our blogs. So here we go :) If you like this idea and would like to try it as well you can contact us both on Twitter: @forfrodobaggins and @skydreamersimi

I Love the 80s – by Megan Crane

My own copy
Original Cover

The blurb:

Jenna Jenkins was getting married to her long-term boyfriend, Adam, and she was sure her life was all coming together. Until Adam left her for a twenty-three-year-old yoga instructor. To ease the pain, Jenna threw herself into her teenage memories of the late, great Tommy Seer, killed when his car crashed off a bridge in 1987, when she was just twelve, and focusing on the man who has been - and always will be - the true love of her life, however worrying that may seem to her best friend, Aimee. One day, working late, or thinking about Tommy at her office after dark, a freak accident sends Jenna back to 1987. It's a few short months before Tommy will die and Jenna's job is apparently working as his assistant. But Tommy is not the guy she imagined. He's mean and rude and obnoxious. But he is still deliciously good-looking. When Tommy takes her into his confidence, she starts to see the real him beneath the image and finds herself more in love than ever. He suspects someone is trying to kill him - and she knows it won't be long before they succeed. Why is she here? Is she meant to save his life? But how can she without revealing the bizarre, unbelievable truth?

My Opinion:

The lovely lady recommended me I Love the 80s by Megan Crane and I am so glad she did, I absolutely loved this story. The title is very catchy and so is the cover with the choice of colours. I read the blurb and thought: Sounds interesting and different.

Jenna is a total 80ties girl, but she lives in the 21st century. Well, her office is covered with 80ties posters and pics, the most important one: Tommy Seer her forever musician crush.
Her boyfriend left her and she is still not herself, after 8 months. She lives in her own little world, where everything is about the 80ties.

A freak accident sends her back to 1987. First she thinks she is dreaming all this, but it gets more real with every second she’s there.

And she gets to meet Tommy and she can spend a lot of time with him.
Of course she was really confused first and I loved the scenes where she tried to figure out what happened to her.

Tommy Seer, with his gorgeous green eyes. It turns out, he’s not who Jenna thinks he is. He is different and she gets to know him from a total different angle. I liked that he was very different from other main male characters and I needed my time to understand him, which is a good thing though.
Their start is a bit difficult, because he only thinks she’s a groupie, but I love the way their relationship developed.
Jenna knows that someone is trying to kill Tommy, she also knows when he dies and so she tries to find out more about it.

The two of them get closer and Jenna enjoys getting to know the real Tommy, she is falling in love. One of my favourite scenes in the book was, when Tommy suddenly realised what he actually feels for Jenna. The way Megan wrote this was just perfect in my eyes.

Of course there is still the fact that Jenna travelled back in time, how to explain something like this? Well, eventually she has to tell Tommy and he doesn’t believe her. She’s back on the stalker/groupie status. She doesn’t give up and still wants to safe Tommy.
One thing she says, changes his opinion and he’s finally true to himself and Jenna.

I loved the ending, it was full of drama and action and it was so fascinating.
It was great to see Jenna change and become herself again. Tommy and Jenna are so perfect together, not the typical couple, which I really liked. They way they understand each other and treat each other is special and magical.

An amazing novel with so much drama and love. It’s romantic, believable, funny… it’s BRILLIANT and so gripping, I couldn’t put the book down. ♥ 


My possible cast:

Tommy: Jackson Rathbone

Jenna: Emmy Rossum

Megan Crane on Twitter: @megancrane

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It was such a pleasure lovely and I hope we can do something similar again soon :) xxx


  1. Yay Simona! We did it! I loved reading this and I'm SO GLAD you loved it!

  2. Glad you enjoyed this book so much. It seems like such a fun read! :)