Tuesday, 17 January 2017

My Fave Eye Shadow Palettes

Welcome to another beauty related post from me, two within a short period of time, but that will be it for a while trust me. So this time I thought I'd share my fave eye shadow palettes with you. 

Let's start with the smallest one and also the first one I bought out of these three: The Clinique 

All About Shadow 8-Pan Palette in the Pink Honey Affair color. 

As you can see it's mostly pinks/nudes combined with some darker shades. I use all of them and I love the mixture of matt and shiny shades and there is also a grey in there, which I really love. I use the last one on the right, a matt dark brown, under the eye and the second last one in the crease. 

The second one is the Nude Palette from Art Deco, I got it for my birthday and I ADORE IT!

This palette has a lot of fab gold and bronzy colours, combined with lots of browns, grey, a greenish ones and a pinkish one, it's a great combination. It's a mixture of matt and shiny shades as well and I can honestly say that I use all the colours. It's exciting to always try a new combination. The ones I use most are the gold (second one from the right), the brown/grey (forth from the right), the shiny pink one (7th one from the right) and the third last one (shiny brown). The pigmentation is fab. 

- Clinique: Clinique
- Urban Decay Naked 2: Urban Decay Naked 2

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