Saturday, 7 January 2017

Goodbye Pokémon Go

When Pokémon Go came out, I got really excited. I even had to wait a bit longer than you guys in the UK or US. I was obsessed the the game boy editions of Pokémon and my brother and I watched it on TV as well. So of course we both downloaded it.

In the beginning I opened the app daily and enjoyed catching Pokémon, I never became one of these people who walked around with the phone out and catching Pokémon everywhere.

Opening the app became less and less though. One reason was definitely work again after the summer holidays.

I can say that by November I was barely playing anymore. That’s when I thought I’d ask on Twitter.

Most people who answered never played at all, but from the 13 who said yes, only two still play regularly. That confirmed what I was thinking.

There was a huge hype about the game in the beginning, but less and less people play now. For me I can honestly say that all I wanted to to was catch Pokémon, I never went to an arena and fought and I didn’t care about my level. I’m still on level 10 and I was there in September. I got bored of it pretty fast, because the same Pokémons kept on appearing and to be honest: Who wants all these boring Pokémons?!

In the beginning the app was new and exciting, but now we know everything, so where is the fun in that.

The app is also very different from what we were used to. I loved playing Pokémon on my game boy and sometimes I actually still do. Don’t we all just still love the old fashioned games?! 

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