Saturday, 28 January 2017

I have never been to Primark...

Well, actually that’s not true anymore, because the last time I went to London I went into Primark and bought something.

We don’t have Primark in Switzerland, so of course I never really got introduced to the chain. Whenever I had friends traveling to the UK, I heard them talk about Primark. When I went myself, I never went into the shop, because I just wasn’t interested.

Last autumn that changed, because I wanted to buy Harry Potter pyjamas and I knew that they have some in Primark. That’s all I did in there, I bought myself some HP pjs and I like them. I don’t love them, because they are not particularly comfortable, I use them now, when I hang around at home. They are pretty though.

Being in the shop didn’t to anything else for me though, it was packed with people, there is no chance of having an overview, it’s messy and there are just too many things.

I guess the main reason for people loving Primark so much is the prizes. The things are cheap and you can find anything from clothes, over stationery, make up, to home ware items.

When I go shopping though I prefer quality over quantity and I like my clothes to be of good quality, so that they will last me for a while. I have nothing against people who go shopping in there, but it’s just not my style. Some can’t afford the more expensive stores.

I also think that my style is unique and you just can’t achieve that with Primark stuff, everyone has it, it’s similar with H&M. Sometimes I really think the clothes look cheap, which I don’t like.

It’s safe to say that I won’t go into a Primark anytime in the near future. 

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