Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Quotes – Sugar and Ice by Aven Ellis

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It's quotes time, because Aven Ellis has another book out! Sugar and Ice marks the beginning of Aven Ellis' new hockey series Ringside in the Rockies. Another great book and you can find my review for it tomorrow on the blog. 

„I’m drunk on him, on his sexiness and sweetness, all coming together in this moment.“ – Josephine Rossi

This is pure magic.

„ I’m his Josephine. There is no other person I’d rather be at this moment.“ – Josephine Rossi

„But I know, without a doubt, there is more than chemistry between us.“ – Josephine Rossi

„Cade is different from any other man I’ve ever met. He’s brilliant. Strong. Secure. Passionate. Funny. Sweet. Sensual.“ – Josephine Rossi

„I’m falling for him faster than I’ve ever fallen for anyone.“ – Josephine Rossi

„I need to be with you. Only you.“ Cade Callahan

„He’s attracted to me for my soul.“ – Josephine Rossi

„I have completely fallen for this man, his soul, his passion, his humor, his heart.“ – Josephine Rossi

„My sweet Josephine.“ – Cade Callahan

„I want him to say it forever.“ – Josephine Rossi

„I’m so thankful for you.“ – Cade Callahan

„Cade loves you, deeply and with all his heart. I know it. The apron is never wrong.“ – Nonna

„Josephine, I love you. I waited forever to find you.“- Cade Callahan
„I love you with all my heart Cade.“ – Josephine Rossi

„I fell half in love with you that night you showed up at my door wearing that apron. You’ve had my heart ever since.“ – Cade Callahan

„You’re my love, my life, my dream, my passion, my happiness. You complete the list for me.“ – Cade Callahan

„Our combination of sugar and ice works. And the legend of the Rossi apron proves once again to be true.“ – Josephine Rossi

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