Sunday, 28 August 2016

Three Sparkling Years – Welcome to Simona's Corner of Dreams

Hello my lovelies!

Another year has passed and today it’s Sky’s Book Corner’s third birthday, I can’t believe it. So many things have happened this year and I’m grateful for all of them. So the biggest news first and you probably have seen it already: I have decided to change the name of my blog to “Simona’s Corner of Dreams”. My blog has changed a lot in the past three years, I’m not only a book blogger, but also blog about lifestyle and traveling. That’s why I decided to give my blog a little make over and change the name. The design is still pretty much the same, but I’ve changed some small things (header, share button, intro pic and text, icons and buttons). Let me know what you think.
So the new url for my blog is:

Shortly after last year’s blogoversary I went to London for Holly Martin’s book launch, that was so fabulous and I met so many great authors and bloggers. In April of this year I visited my second momma Wendy in Dallas, that’s Aven Ellis in case you didn’t know ;). I had the most amazing time with her. In Zurich I shortly met up with Isabell from Dreaming With Open Eyes Reviews and then I went to London again in July. In August I also met up with Alba in Munich, it was so fab to finally meet her in real life.

My bestie Maryline is also a book blogger and I met her through this whole blogging community. She asked me to be her bridesmaid and that is just wonderful, love you Mary!!!

Well, let’s get back to the blog. I started YouTube at the beginning of the year, which is pretty exciting. I don’t have that many subscribers, but I don’t care, it’s a hobby I enjoy. I haven’t read that many books this year, that’s probably connected on being busy with rehearsals for CHESS (performances in September) and I joined the committee of my choir. I still love reading though, it’s just not as many books ;). I also decided to post at least two lifestyle posts a week as well, to give my blog a great mixture of bookish things and daily life/hobbies.

Of course I have a giveaway planned for you guys, with great prizes, but before you do that, I’d love for you to fill out this little survey. It’s a survey for me to find out a bit more about you guys and how you actually found my blog. I would really appreciate it, if you would take the time to fill this out.

And now, here are the fab prizes you can win this year. GOOD LUCK!!!

Prize 1 - Beauty Set 1 - EU
In this first beauty set you can win a small Pinita Colada Body Butter from The Body Shop, a 24h anti-perspirant spray, an Avène Eu Thermale and a Kneipp body lotion. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prize 2 - Beauty Set 2 - EU
In this set you can win a bracelet, a tangle teezer and a moisturizer from bebe Young care. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prize 3 - Beauty Set 3 - EU
This beauty set contains a moisturizer from bebe Young care, some flowery hair clips and a hair brush from Pylones. 

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Prize 4 - Berlin Set - EU
You can find two different bookmarks in this one, a key chain, a glasses cleaning cloth and a small pencil case. 

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Prize 5 - offered by Aven Ellis - INT
My lovely author friend Aven Ellis offered a paperback copy of her book "The Definition of Icing". I absolutely adored this book!

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Prize 6 - offered by Kayla from Polished and Bubbly - INT
My sweetie Kayla has offered an amazon gift card with the value of $15 for you guys. 

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Prize 7 - Paige Toon - EU
Win a paperback copy of "The One We Fell in Love With" by Paige Toon and two bookmarks. 

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Prize 8 - Isabelle Broom - EU
The next prize is a paperback copy of "My Map of You" by Isabelle Broom, together with two bookmarks. 

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Prize 9 - Julie Cohen - EU
You can also win a paperback of Julie Cohen's newest book "Falling. I have also added two bookmarks to the prize. 

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Prize 10 - Jojo Moyes - EU
I have a bookish tote bag for you guys, together with "After You" by Jojo Moyes and a bookmark. 

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Prize 11 - Harry Potter - EU
As a big Harry Potter fan, I had to add an appropriate prize, so here we go: There are some HP colouring postcards, a Gryffindor bookmark and a little Hogwarts box. 

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Prize 12 - Colouring - EU
Last but not least, I have a little colouring book for you with some colored pencils. 

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  1. I LOVE YOU!!!

    Thank you for being my bridesmaid, and thank you for our wonderful friendship. I'm so happy you're celebrating your 3rd anniversary for the blog. I think you made a brilliant decision of translating the blog's versatility in the new name - it's catchy and pretty much PERFECT for you!!

    I just read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and although I have mixed feelings about some of the elements of the "script", I'm still pretty obsessed about the fact that I JUST READ A NEW HARRY POTTER BOOK!! I'm also always looking forward to new stuff by either Holly Martin or Aven Ellis ;-) xxxxx

    1. I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!

      Can't wait to be your bridesmaid! Thanks for everything!!!
      Good Luck for the giveaway!!! xxx

  2. Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary. I love how the blog is a mix of books, beauty and lifestyle. I think it's a great decision.

    I'm reading Always with Love by Giovanna Fletcherand looking forward to reading Sarah Morgan's new book out in October amount others like Holly Martin's new Christmas books. Lx

  3. Lovely name for your blog.
    Just read Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent and it was gripping

  4. Your new logo is amazing and Happy blog anniversary!!!!
    Many more to come.........and thank you for the giveaways.
    I'm looking forward to read Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth

    Raffle name: Artemis Giote

  5. Congratulations on your 3rd blogiversary lovely! I think the name change was a great idea and it fits better with your content! :)
    Now... a book I'm excited about? We Were on a Break by Lindsey Kelk! I love Lindsey, I love Friends, perfect combination!

    Alba x

    1. Thank you lovely! Started reading Lindsey's book, loving it! xx

  6. New blog name is great :)
    Happy Blogiversary,best wishes for many more!
    Looking forward and can't wait to read The Goal by Elle Kennedy :)
    Thanks for all amazing giveaways! :)

  7. I love the new blog name, it's definitely you. Congrats on the 3 years, you always have something for me to enjoy looking at.
    Hmmmm .. I have been raving about The Lost Cats & Lonely Hearts Club by Nic Tatano xx