Saturday, 13 August 2016

Why I Love Lifestyle Blogging

Ever since I have started my blog I have included non bookish posts, like quotes about life, my passion of music or traveling. However, only 1 ½ after starting I kind of discovered the whole lifestyle blogging community and started using they hashtag #lbloggers.

Lifestyle Blogging gives us bloggers a lot of freedom and we can basically talk about anything. I really enjoy writing lifestyle posts, I feel like I can express myself really well and I get to share my hobbies and passion with all of you.

The word lifestyle opens you up to so many topics, from home ware, to music, to traveling, to food over to fashion and so many more. Every blogger can truly create a blog full of their interests and it makes the blog unique. I adore being able to choose from so many different parts of life. Whatever I feel like, I can write about it. Yes, I’m mainly a book blogger, but I try to include at least two lifestyle posts a week. I think it gives my readers a great mixture and they can get to know the real me through these posts.

It’s not only the topic that can be anything, also the type of post. A review or a Q&A always hast he same form, but in lifestyle blogging there are so many possibilities. It can be discussions, your own opinion, a picture/photo centred post, lists, advice and so much more.

Lifestyle blogging is not about reviewing product after product, it’s about taking something out of your life and sharing it with your readers. Often I just write about something that inspires me and I try to turn it into a post. It doesn’t need to be a lot, but as long as you enjoy it it’s the best thing! And the readers will see that too.

This part of my blog allows me to be creative every single day and I’m really grateful for that. I take aspects of my life and let you guys know about them. Lifestyle blogging combines several categories in one and even allows you to morph them into one. I love being so open and I can just write whatever I feel like.


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  1. I LOVE being a lifestyle blogger! Sometimes I've thought about how I could more stream line what I post about, but then I remember how restricting that is. I love it for all the reasons you've mentioned - it's wonderful thinking 'ooo I'd love to share this on the blog' and actually being able to because you're not stuck with one particular niche. Lifestyle blogging for the win. :D