Monday, 29 August 2016

Listening to Audio Books

Both, my best friend Mary and I are obsessed with Harry Potter. So at one point last year, she asked me, if I have ever listened to the Harry Potter audio books. My answer was yes. I listened tot hem as a child, but obviously back then I listen to them in German.

We both started listening to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and get obsessed with it. I think Mary mostly listens to it in the bus, whereas I do at home during my pampering routine. I have a car and a short journey to work, so it’s not worth it form e and I also feel like I cannot 100% focus on it.

So instead I listen to either either when I’m colouring in in one of my adult colouring books or during my pampering routine. My pampering routine is long, so I have enough time to listen to the story. I just chill in the bathtub and listen, it’s the best way to experience the story. I can really focus on everything that happens.

Listening to the Harry Potter books is a great way for me to relax and forget everything around me. It also cheers me up when I’m not feeling well. Listening to the stories is so different from reading them. I have read all seven books several times in four languages, so I know them inside out. Well, to be honest I thought I knew everything, but it turns out I didn’t. When Listening I heard a lot of things I wasn’t really aware of. It really is another way to experience the whole story. Listening gives me the possibility to focus on details, characters, storyline etc. in a new way. After listening to the books I also really wanted to watch the movies again. I know that the movies are different from the books, but that doesn’t matter. I had the plan of re-reading them for so long, but I just don’t get the chance to, between all the other book I want to read. So listening to them is the perfect solution.

Listening to the HP stories take me right into that world, I see Hogwarts and the characters in front of me and I can be in my happy place.

I’m still a huge bookworm, so that didn’t change at all. I think as a child I would have love audio books, before discovering Harry Potter I hated reading!

I’m now thinking about doing it with other books as well. If you have any suggestions for me, let me know. 

Here is what my bestie Mary (M's Bookshelf) has to say about the Harry Potter audio books:

"I had heard of audio books before but I never really saw the benefit compared to an actual paper copy... or even e-copy. Until I had an hours bus commute. I get motion sickness so there was no way I could read to pass the time. And you can only listen to that same playlist so many times. I stumbled upon the Harry Potter audio books, read by Stephen Fry. Not only did that seem like the perfect time to actually try an audio book, it was the perfect solution to my commute-frustrations.
I have read the Harry Potter books countless times but listening to them was a whole new experience, one I absolutely love it. I feel like the audio books are the perfect way to either discover the Harry Potter magic, or relive that first Harry Potter experience in a way by listening to them as a fan or as someone who is familiar with the story. The books are expensive, but the first few books in the series are the cheapest and at least you'll have those to start with ;-) So sit back, and enjoy the magic!"

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