Tuesday, 2 August 2016

My Thoughts on Beauty Blogging

I have never been into beauty blogging. When I got more into the lifestyle blogging community I also kind of got introduced to beauty blogging. Lots of the bloggers I now follow, especially on social media and YouTube talk about beauty constantly. I have never been really interested in beauty products. I just use my regular products and I’ve been fine with that. I don’t apply any foundation (only when I’m on stage), so part of the process is boring for me anyway. I recently started including some small beauty posts on the blog, but nothing like what the beauty bloggers do.

One post was about the Pink Beauty box I received and recently I have done a challenge with other bloggers with the goal to use up six products by summer. On YouTube I include beauty products in hauls and my favourites, but that’s it.

Beauty bloggers review beauty products, create tutorials, but what else do they do?! It seems as if they are always doing the same thing over and over again. Yes, I kind of do the same thing with books, but every book is unique and there is a story behind every novel. Beauty products tend to repeat themselves, so is there really a lot to say about them.

The amount of products they receive almost daily is crazy. I receive books to review as well, but never that amount. How can you even have an overview?! Most of the time it seems as if all beauty bloggers do is testing, testing and testing and then reviewing. It can surly not be good for your skin or hair to try so many products. How can they even be able to use and review all the products?! That seems impossible to me. Some products (skincare) take weeks to test, but it doesn’t look like a lot of bloggers do that.

Beauty product reviews tend to sound the same every single time I see them, which is a pity and I stopped reading them. There is a big difference between experienced bloggers and other who just do it from time to time. If you cannot even apply a nail polish properly, stop showing pictures with your fingers on.
Beauty bloggers (not only) tend do follow certain clichés (I wrote a post about blogging clichés here), similar ways to store makeup, similar blog photos etc. In my opinion this gets boring and dull, why not do something to stand out?!

I’m aware that all I have just said sounds harsh, I’m not part of that blogging community, because I’m just not interested enough. I can imagine that if I’d do it for a while, I’d have a different opinion. So if you’re a beauty blogger and have read this, I’m sorry but that’s my opinion. 

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