Thursday, 5 May 2016

My favourite places/things to do in Dallas

I did a list like that for New York, so I thought I will continue with Dallas. Now, this will be a very different list, because Dallas is so different from NYC:

-       Dallas Stars practice: As a hockey fan this was awesome for me. We are not able to go to a practice of our team in Switzerland, so it was very special. The players were so close and I was finally see a real practice session. Location: Dr. Pepper Center in Frisco.  
-       Dallas Stars game/AAC: Seeing a NHL hockey game live is unique, fabulous and so much more. Seeing the action on the ice, looking at how the players play, the atmosphere and a pretty arena is just FABULOUS! This arena is the prettiest I have ever seen.  
-       Northpark: This is one for shopping fans. The mall is huge and has everything a girl could wish for. On top of that: It’s pretty and has great possibilities for eating.  
-       Uptown: A cute little area with shops, pubs and more. Wonderful for young people and singles.  
-       Highland Park: Just drive through it and look at these amazing houses, who knows you might spot a celebrity.
-       Highland Village: So cute, good for shopping and hanging out.
-       Omni Mandalay: Fab hotel with great amenities!
-       Dallas by night: The lights are awesome and it looks electric. Wish I could have seen it all in one, but standing in the middle of it was great as well.

So here we go, these are my faves in Dallas, it’s a fab city for shopping and if you’re a hockey fan, so perfect for me ;).

My Dallas Vlog: 

My Hockey Vlog: coming soon...

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