Monday, 2 May 2016

Book of the Month - April

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The books I read this month:

-       The Wedding Date – by Jennifer Joyce 4.5/5
-       My Map of You – by Isabelle Broom 5/5
-       Trivia Pursuits – by Aven Ellis 5/5
-       One Moment at Sunrise – by Karen Aldous 4/5
-       The Boy with the Boxes – by Katey Lovell 5/5
-       The Boy on the Bus – by Katey Lovell 5/5
-       Dear Dad – by Giselle Green 5/5
-       When I Lost You – by Kelly Rimmer *started*

Two clear favourites this month:

My Map of You – Isabelle Broom

The bit on the back:
Holly Wright has had a difficult few years. After her mother's death, she's become expert at keeping people at a distance - including her boyfriend, Rupert.

But when Holly receives an unexpected letter explaining that an aunt she never met has left her a house on the Greek island of Zakynthos, the walls she has built begin to crumble. Arriving on the island, Holly meets the handsome Aidan and slowly begins to uncover the truth about the secret which tore her family apart.

But is the island where Holly really belongs? Or will her real life catch up with her first? 

My opinion:

This is such a wonderful debut novel! In Isabelle’s writing Holly’s feelings were described really well and the emotions were just transmitted beautifully. Isabelle’s writing is so wonderful and warm, full of vivid details, a great storyline and amazing characters. I adored every second of this fabulous book and think Isabelle is a really talented author. I can’t wait to read more of her stories.

Isabelle on Twitter:@Isabelle_Broom

Trivial Pursuits – Aven Ellis

The bit on the back:
Landon Holder is exactly the kind of man Livy Adams should stay far away from.

The flashy, flirty star defenseman for the Chicago Buffaloes is known for hooking up with women all over Chicago. Livy finds herself attracted to Landy, but his sexy good looks and charm are irrelevant. She had her heart shattered by a cheating athlete in college, and Livy vows she will never let her judgment lapse like that ever again.

Yet Livy knows she can’t spend the rest of her life focusing on building her jewelry line during the day and her evenings playing TriviaPlayOrPass! on her phone, either. Even though she does have fabulous conversations with a player named Scott, it’s time to get back in the game—in real life. While Livy tries to figure out her career path in jewelry design, she knows it’s time to take a chance on romance again, too.

But in a strange twist of fate, Livy finds herself getting to know Landy on a much deeper level. Sometimes people aren’t always as they appear to be. Just like a diamond, you have to look closely to see true clarity.

As Livy unwraps the layers around Landy to see the man behind the image, will she have a change of heart? Can she leave her past behind for a future with Landy? Or is it all a game of trivial pursuits?

My opinion:

Aven has a way to include emotions in a book in a very easy, simple and yet very effective way. The storyline in this book is absolutely perfect and she has a way to write, that you just sit there and the writing totally absorbs you. It’s hard to leave a story like that. I’m totally still in that world and I don’t want to leave anytime soon. Landon and Livy had so much chemistry!!!

Aven on Twitter: @AvenEllis

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