Monday, 9 November 2015

'Books are my Reality' Book Tag!

Kelly and Lucy from Sweet is Always in Style came up with this fun tag, you can find their post here:
Here are my answers.

1) My fictional boyfriend is...

Oh god, that’s so difficult. Aven Ellis is the queen of book boyfriends, her men are great. My fave from her (I love them all though) is Nate Johansson from The Definition of Icing. He is a hockey player, sexy as hell, but also emotional, caring and so much more.

2) I live....

Oh god, this is torture, I will kind of try to combine a few worlds. I would probably live in Dallas, around all the hockey found with the Dallas Demons, hang out with Kenley, Lexi, Nate and Co. My family lives in Ashford, so I visit them quite often and then on holiday I would visit several friends: Laura and Leo in Key West, Mary-Kate and William in London (also some others).

3) My best friend is..

Hmmm, this is another hard one, probably Sarah from the Bookshop of the Corner, we are very similar. Or Kenley from The Definition of Icing and Kylie from Waiting For Prince Harry, I’m sure we’d have a blast and we have the same interests.

4) My job is....

Working in The Bookshop oft he Corner I’d say, because I love books! Or being a teacher in Hogwarts, probably Defense Against the Dark Arts, that’d be so fab!

5) I keep hearing about these amazing sweet treats, I must get my hands on some...

Kenley makes the most wonderful sounding chocolate combinations you can dream of, so I’d definitely would wanna try these. Or all the HP sweets of course ;) 

6) If I could be one character for a whole day, I would be....

That’s easy: Hermione! How cool would that be?!
Or Lexi from Breakout, her passion for hockey is awesome!

I would like to tag Maryline, Alba and Jo.
And anyone else who'd like to do it. 


  1. Ooh I might have to try this one day but I think I'll be stuck for ages trying to think of the answers! Nice post!

    1. Do it, it's so much fun! Let me know when you do x