Wednesday, 18 November 2015

A Day in Pictures

I thought it might be fun to show you guys my daily routine in pictures. I will explain them a bit of course and I took these pics a while back during a school day, so I hope I'm not boring you guys with it, but I it gives you insight to a work day. 

I usually get about around 6.30 am, have a shower and get ready. I get dressed and then head down to eat breakfast. For breakfast I usually have an orange juice, fruit and a muesli.

Then I'm ready to go. 

At around 7.15 I leave the house to drive up to school. I pick up my colleague on the way and most of the time I'm a bit late, cause I don't manage to leave the house by 7.15, and getting up earlier, no thanks ;) The drive to school takes 15 minutes. I get a tea at school and then go to my classroom for some last minute preparations. I also tweet about my daily blog post then ;) At 8.10 school starts. Our lessons are 40 minutes long. On Thursday (I took the pics on a Thursday), I teach 1 lesson of German and then 2 lessons of Maths in grade 6. 

Then it's time for Cocoa Break (don't ask me about the name). I usually have my coffee and a bread with butter. 

Then it's back to teaching: Maths in grade 5 and French in grade 6. 

For lunch we all go to the dining hall and eat with the children, of course I always have my coffee afterwards. I continue teaching with grade 3 in German and then another French lesson with grade 6. After that I have a free lesson, where I usually make some copies or correct worksheets and homework. 

After the free lesson it's time for Tea Break, I go there with the kids, because I have an activity with them afterwards. 

During Tea Break duty I have to watch the kids, but I also have time for an apple and a tea. 
I take them back to the classroom afterwards for the Drama Club, we are preparing for our Christmas performance.

Afterwards it's finally time to get home. I try to leave and do the school things at home, so that I can just go home and enjoy. 

Most of the time I enjoy a tea or coffee and blog, before dinner. I write blog posts, reviews, answer emails and tweets. 

Dinner time. Here it's rice and fish, so yummy!

Bath time after dinner! That's so relaxing. I either listen to HP or watch an episode of a great series, while I enjoy the bath. 

TV and blogging for the rest of the evening, before I go to bed and read (a lot). 

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