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The Definition of Icing – Q & A with some authors and bloggers

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It’s pub day of The Definition of Icing by Aven Ellis, this book is amazing and it has so much spark.
To celebrate pub day I organised my #AvenSpecial again. I have several posts, including my fave quotes and a review of course. The quotes will be up this afternoon and the review will be part of the blog tour on Friday. 
Another thing I planned was a little Q&A with some of my friends, I asked the following questions, which are connected to the book, once you read it you’ll understand ;)

1.     What’s your definition of „icing“?
2.     What comes to mind when you hear the word „ice hockey“?
3.     What’s your favourite chocolate dessert?

Here are the answers:

Sam from The Book Corner:

1. Something sticky and sweet. 
2. Canada, this is where I saw my first ever ice hockey game live and what an experience it was! 
3.Hmm to be honest I'm not one for desserts but if I had to pick one chocolate one I would say profitta rolls? Not sure how you spell them ha ha! 

Pat Elliot - author:

1. Icing - to me - is the white sugar rich coating that you get on cakes - as in a wedding cake.
2. Muscular men thundering onto the ice waving sticks - and you'd best not be in the way!
3. My favourite chocolate dessert is Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecake.

Jenny from Jenny in Neverland:

1. My definition of icing: The part of the cake that’s the yummiest - usually on the top but sometimes in the middle as well; buttercream preferable.
 2. When I think of Ice Hockey, I think about the time my cousin got his fingers ran over by     a team mate while he was playing. Luckily I wasn't there to see it.
3. My favourite chocolate desert? You know this is an impossible question right? Chocolate cheesecake, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate in general, chocolate mousse, chocolate yoghurt…

A.L. Michael – author:

1. makes me think of the delicious heavy icing you have on Christmas cake!
2. The Mighty Ducks!
3. Chocolate and pear tart

1. my definition of icing: A sweet topping that covers cakes and buns (FYI as a northerner buns = cupcakes!)
2. Ice Hockey: loud music, cheering, a puck swiping from one end of the rink to the other, a small net. 
3. Chocolate dessert: My mum's homemade chocolate tray bake. She zaps it in the microwave so the chocolate topping melts and then puts on a blob of ice cream... so so good! 

Rachel Gilbey from Rachel's Random Reads:

1. My definition of icing is the the best bit of something, Icing is the sweet topping be it of a cake, or the best bit of a situation.
2. When I hear Ice Hockey, I think of the incredibly high paced violent sport, that I tend to see mainly at the Winter Olympics, as it isn't really big in England. I will occasionally watch the Olympic final when its USA vs Canada, as you can't really get a bigger fixture than that in Ice Hockey. 
3. My favourite chocolate dessert is the chocolate pie my cousin makes, It is a rich almost mousse like topping on what I think is a biscuit base, and is simply delicious. 

Kelly from Compelling Reads:

1. a sweet, sticky coating made of sugar which can be applied to biscuits and cakes and makes them delicious
2. hunky men, muscles, fast paced, cold.... for this I blame Aven ;)
3. hmmmm easy chocolate fudge cake :)

1. I’m a baker so if anyone says icing to me I immediately think of icing to go on cakes.
2.  An awesome game! I used to be good friends with some hockey fans and when I went to see them I went to matches with them and loved them so much! 
3. That’s a toughie but I’ll have to say Chocolate Fudge Cake.

1. My definition of icing has to be ' a delectable, tantalising mouth watering cake topping that I could eat forever'. 
2. Ice hockey makes me think of my teenage physical education lessons where we ladies pretended to know what we were doing whilst talking to each other about our latest American boy crush. 
3. My favourite chocolate dessert... hmmmm has to be a triple layered gateau. Cake, cream, chocolate... mmm scrummy to eat but awful for the diet. 

Maryline from M’s Bookshelf:

1. My definition of "icing": that one thing that makes an already amazing thing absolutely perfect - like icing on a cake!
2. Honestly? Aven Ellis!! Haha! I never new, heard or seen much of ice hockey before I met Aven Ellis. And now it seems like one of the most sexy sports out there!
3. This is so hard. I think I'll got with those "American cookies" with little bits of chocolate on them. Or chocolate ice cream, again with little bits of chocolate in.

Gina Henning - author:

1. Icing to me is a delicious bonus to any treat or life. For instance, say you are having a great day, your coffee was amazing, you had a nice chat with a friend, the dishes are done, the floor is clean, your boss told you that the last assignment you handled was top notch, and then your husband comes home with a tasty bottle of wine. What a way to the end the day! This to me would be the icing on a great day.
2. When I was in high school we lived close to an ice hockey rink, which was quite a rarity as at the time I lived in a small city in Texas. I really enjoyed going to the hockey rink and checking out the players, um I mean the game. Yes, watching the game was a great time.
3. My favorite dessert with chocolate in it is a Cannoli. On my 30th birthday I went on a girl’s trip to New York City, and had the most amazing Cannoli, ever. My mouth is watering right now.

Janine from Jewellbooks:

1. My definition of icing is, i suppose to complete something. To finish it off. Its like a warm bed after a hectic night duty or a large glass of chilled wine after a crap week. Icing is a happy ending. 
2. When i hear the words 'ice hockey' i automatically think about men. Men with great abs. ;) Of and New York for some reason. 
3. favourite chocolate desert is definitely hot chocolate fudge cake with either treacle sauce, custard or fresh cream. Makes me smile just thinking about it. 

Emma Crowley:

1. Icing something sweet and creamy that covers cakes . Comes in all flavors and adds that special something to a cake.
2. Ice Hockey: Fit men skating on ice while attempting to shoot a puck  at a goal.
3. My favourite chocolate dessert may sound like a cliche but it has to be good old fashioned cake. (That is when the cake is done with the right chocolate). It's my go to dessert and always gives me a pick me up when I am feeling a bit down.

My answers:

1. I’ve actually got two answers. First of all it’s the sweet highlight on cupcakes ;) And then there is an icing in hockey, I love ice hockey and whenever the game is stopped, it starts again with an icing...
2. Fun, atmosphere, sexy men, a puck and NHL ;) I love watching this sport and my fave thing about it: Tyler Seguin, Jamie Benn and Roman Josi
3. That’s a question I’d normally start answering with: This is hard, but I asked the question myself, so I guess that doesn’t work. It’s Tiramisu with lots of chocolate and profiteroles topped with lots of chocolate.

Her is what our dear author has to say – AvenEllis:

1. Now this is interesting, but because I’m a passionate foodie and hockey fan, I easily see both terms in my mind when you say the word. Definitely a dual-meaning word for me!
2. When I hear the word ice hockey, I have no shame in saying the first thing I think of is hot hockey players. ;)
3. Mmmm, favorite chocolate dessert . . .That’s hard! I have several, but I can say I adore chocolate mousse. 

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