Saturday, 27 January 2018

When to post a book review on your blog

Book bloggers publish their reviews regularly on their blog, goodreads and amazon. On amazon is clear that you can only publish your review from publication day onwards. On the blog and goodreads however, it’s your own decision when to publish a review.

A few weeks ago, I published a review on my blog, maybe two weeks before publication date. I got a little thank you from the author, but the main comment was that they are delaying publication and don’t want words out yet. All I did was look at the pub date on NetGalley, like I usually do. Especially on NetGalley I always look at the pub dates, because otherwise it’s easy to lose the overview. I was a bit surprised, because I made sure I looked at the release date and then I just took a free slot on my blog.

Publishers who send out early copies, usually say when they want you to post and when they don’t say it, it’s always around publication date. No more than six weeks before pub date, is what one of my blogging friends said. She asked publishers before. Some publishers ask for early reviews and they also use these afterwards in quotes and for promotion. Of course in blog tours you can either choose a date or you get assigned one, that makes deciding when to post easy.

Book bloggers read a lot and sometimes it’s difficult to schedule everything around the right pub dates. Spaces fill quickly and sometimes we also don’t have time to read a book. We all have a life outside of book blogging, a 100% job, so we read and review when we can. After publication day any time is basically fine.

I have asked authors and other blogger friends for their opinion on the matter and we all pretty much agree. Around release date seems to be the common answer. That can be before or after. Sometimes there are a lot of books out at the same time, then you just do it as close as possible. It has to be within your reading schedule.

Sometimes it’s just best to as the author and they will tell you. I often tell them I can’t review before pub date and around it, just after and they are totally ok with it. When I do then is usually publish a Q&A or guest post around pub date, like this I can still help promote it.

Some authors prefer publication week, but I have had a lot who are just grateful to get reviews, anytime basically. When the ebook is out, before the paperback, a boost of reviews around the paperback release date is very helpful. Authors also like reviews, when their book is on sale. The majority actually doesn't care and shares it the same way, no matter when the review was published. 

I think it’s important to see that the pre-order link is up, so your blog readers, can pre-order it. Otherwise they will forget about the book. The pre-ordering has actually started a little discussion, because some think that people don't pre-order books. Others pre-order themselves and think that's very common. In my opinion, pre-ordering is very helpful. I do it all the times, with books I really want to receive and read. It's on my kindle after midnight and they usually send it immediately when they receive it themselves. You don't have to think about it anymore and they book will and on your doorstep. 

A lot of publishers start promoting certain books very early. They post quotes, part of the blurb, trailers etc. I think then it’s also ok, to post your review, even if it’s way before pub date.

If you are not sure, when to post it, always ask. And one more thing: also add the reviews to amazon and goodreads as soon as possible, that always helps promote a book. 

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