Friday, 12 January 2018

Are you even a blogger, if...

All the big bloggers and influencers out there, post their cliché photos all the time. One starts in front of the Peggy Porschen Café, all others follow. Or let’s pose in front of a designer store during Christmas time... And then you see their caption: „Are you even a real blogger, when you haven’t taken a picture at this café?!” Of course, it’s more meant in a sarcastic way, but it actually shows the difference between the full-time bloggers and the others.

I always ask myself, why they all pose in front of the same places. It seems trendy, but why not stand out and do something different?! I suppose that’s how Instagram works... Why do people like this?! The bloggers just show the pretty and nice things and it’s just not authentic. We cannot all travel the world and receive things by certain brands.

I mean let’s look at some of these clichés: Yes, we like rose gold, marble, eat avocado on toast... So let’s take pictures including all the food and flowers.

It doesn’t apply to all bloggers, but I feel like a lot of them are not real and authentic and just post what they know will get likes. How about posting things you actually like?!

So, if I don’t post my avo on toast, I’m not a real blogger?! NOT TRUE! We are all bloggers! Everyone has unique content and should be recognized for it. To all bloggers out there: post what you like and not what everyone else does. If you don’t have a marble background at home, it’s ok. You also don’t need to look for a flowery wall anywhere.


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