Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Goals for 2018

Last year I wrote a post about my 2017 goals, so for this year I thought, I’d reflect on those and set some new ones. I will also add some plans and ideas to this post.

Let’s start with blogging. The number of followers is something big and important to most bloggers, I was the same, but that changed. Now, I’m just happy when I get new followers. So last year, I said I’d like to reach 1000 followers on Instagram. I didn’t reach it, I’ve been around 860 for over three months now, going up and down. I have heard Instagram became a bit complicated and difficult when it comes to following, so I blame that ;). My goal for 2018: 1000 ;). On Twitter I reached my goal of 5000, I’m now on 5240, the number are growing slower that two or three years ago though. I also feel that the engagement is not the same anymore. This year I’d def like to reach 5555, hopefully even more, so I can get to 6000. The last number I will be talking about are pageviews. I have reached my 300000 goal, I’m now at 326000. For 2018 350000 would be fab, or even 400000 (might be too high).
Other than that I just want to still enjoy blogging, reading and give you guys a mixture of blog posts. It would be fab to be able to go to some more blogging events and met more bloggers and authors.
My YouTube channel is just travel vlogs now and I want to keep it that way. I just feel more comfortable that way.  
In 2017 I read 99 books, so my goal is 90, like last year.

I have done more singing and playing the piano in 2017, I have even put some songs on camera, but I still have to upload them. I also want to do more oft hat again.
As for working out more: Yes, I did more, but just not regularly. I have been on the cross trainer from time to time, done Zumba and started planks. I’m really into planks now, so I definitely want to continue that.

I’m still thinking of moving out, even more than last year, but finding a place is really difficult. The princes for rent are really high in this area. I think it could happen in 2018 though.

I’m finally going to California in 2018. I booked a trip from LA to San Francisco, with of course Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Yosemite in between. I’m also staying in SanFran for some days after the trip. Can’t wait. I also have some other travel plans and ideas for 2018, which are really exciting.

Last year, I have set the goal of writing more. That has moved a bit further back, because I don’t have the time and I have other priorities.

I have learned to stand up for myself more, but it proves to be hard, cause I’m very emotional and start crying easily.

Think about my teaching job, I just want to continue the same way, enjoy my work and get inspired by the kids every day. 

I want to continue my work for the choir's committee and just do a good job. It’s great to work with these people and even though I’m much younger than them, they accept my opinion and want to hear my thoughts.

I've always been really fascinated by lettering, but I'm just not good at it, so I bought a book to learn and practice it and some pens as well, so we'll see how it goes. 

What are your goals for this new year?

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