Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Travel Diary - Füssen & Neuschwanstein

My godmother invited me to see Ludwig 2 – The Musical in Füssen for my birthday and since we had a doctor’s appointment due in Radolfszell, my mum and I decided to make a whole trip out of it.

Tuesday, August 15:

My Birthday! We left at around 8.30 am, after I opened some of my presents. We drove directly to Möggingen, where our natural health professional is. After that we started our journey to Füssen in Bayern. It took us three long hours. The drove was very nice, especially in the beginning, because we drove along the Lake of Constance (Bodensee), they have many vineyards there and you have a great view oft he lake. The traffic was horrible, but oh well. We had lunch in the car, because we didn’t know how long the drive would take. We arrived in Füssen at around 4pm. First, we checked in at our hotel (Hotel Hirsch), which is located right next tot he old town of Füssen. Then we decided to go for a walk, because in total we sat in the car for five hours. That’s where we found my godmother. We walked around the lovely and pretty old town of Füssen and then went back tot he Hotel to get ready fort he musical. We all put on our dirndl, traditional clothes from Bayern. Then we headed tot he Festspielhaus in Füssen, right be the lake (Forggensee). It’s so pretty there, you can even see Neuschwanstein castle on the other side of the lake. The have a lovely garden there and a restaurant outside. We had dinner there, it was delicious. After taking some pictures, it was time for the musical. Ludwig 2 is the story of King Ludwig of Bavaria. My mum has seen it 11 years ago and loved it, so she really wanted me to see it. It was very different and in some ways disappointing, but the main actor was great. I will write a musical review, where you can find my whole opinion. After the show we took a taxi back to the city and had a little drink in the old town, before going to bed.

Wednesday, August 16:

After a good breakfast, it was time to properly explore the old town of Füssen. We looked at the stores, had a coffee, admired the cute houses and enjoyed the sunshine. There was also a little bit of shopping ;). For lunch we stopped at a little Italian place. Then it was time for our tour, we met up with our guide Amir and our group and took the bus to Hohenschwangau. From there we took a shuttle bus up to the castle. On the way our guide started explaining the history of the castle and King Ludwig 2. Our first stop was “Marienbrücke”, from there you have a breath-taking view of the castle and the area. It’s very crowded, but definitely worth it. Next to an overview map our guide explained more, before we headed to the castle. On the view, we had another great view to enjoy, also the one of the Hohenschwangau castle and the surrounding lakes. Luckily the tickets for the castle were included in the tour, so we had a set time to get into the castle. In the castle we had an audio guide, which took us on a 30 minutes’ tour of part of the castle (only about 16 of the 300 rooms were actually finished). The outside as well as the inside of the castle are very impressive and the story behind it is also very interesting. Back in Füssen we had a delicious dinner at the hotel and then watched some TV in the room.

Thursday, August 17:

With a Latte Macchiato in hands we took on the journey back home. Around lunch we stopped in Bregenz, where I was able to see the stage of the outside opera Carmen. That was really impressive. We walked along the lake and had lunch in the city. Then we explored the city a bit more, went into a few shops and then took on the rest of the home journey.

The area around Füssen has a lot to offer and I enjoyed every minute of this short trip. It’s definitely worth going! 

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