Monday, 14 August 2017

My Sunglass Collection

After hearing my rings, pjs and watch collection it's time for my sunglasses.

I wear the bottom three regularly, the one one the top left is actually too small and the top right one is actually really nice (only realized that after trying them on for this post). Let's get into detail now. 

I bought these in a second hand shop in Ascona, Switzerland. I have eyed up similar ones from Maui Gym for years, but there were always too expensive, so when I spotted these and they looked great on me, I had to get them. The are fromRay Ban and I just love the shape. I tend to wear them with gild jewellery. 

Another pair from RayBan. I bought these eight years ago in Orlando. I just love them; the color, the shape, everything about them! I tend to wear them with brownish outfits and silver jewellery. These don't get stuck in my hair, which is a good thing.

I bought these last year at Nordstrom in Dallas. I just love them. They are from A.J. Morgan, I wear them a lot at school, when I have duty outside and also with my silver jewellry and blue/grey outfits. 

These are not on the group picture, because I bought after I took the photos for this post. I bought them in the sale in Hallhuber. I fell in love with them immediately and they go with everything. They also don't get stuck in my hair, like most others I have. 

Another last minute addition to this post. I bought this lovely pair at the airport in Lisbon last Saturday. I absolutely love them. The animal print frame and the blue glasses. They are from a brand called Mr. Boho. It's an Italian brand. 

I bought these two years ago in Florida, in a tourist store in Siesta Key to be exact. It was actually when I really wanted these Maui Gym ones. They are like 5$, I have actually not worn them for a really long time and then I tried them on for this post and I fell in love with them again. I am definitely going to wear them more often now. 

I actually have no idea where and when I got them. I also don't wear them anymore, because the are broken and don't fit me anymore. I used to wear them a lot though. 

That's it, how many sunglasses do you own?! 

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