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It was Always You – by Georgie Capron

The blurb:
Libby has been drifting through life for too long and, now in her early 30's, it's time to grow up. She decides to have one last summer of fun before buckling down, so heads off to beautiful Positano in Italy. 
There, despite all her good intentions, she can't help but fall a little in love with the very handsome, but rather naughty, Luca and, as the summer draws to a close, Libby has some big decisions to make. 
Should she head back home and face up to her responsibilities? Is Luca really the right man to start a family with, or has the perfect man been right in front of her eyes all this time? 
And, when it comes to affairs of the heart, is it really better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

I really loved the sound of this book and a book set in Italy always makes me feel at home.

That’s probably why I liked the first part best. Libby decides to spend the summer in Italy, working at a hostel and enjoying beautiful Positano, before starting as a trainee at a law firm. She works down there, explores the lovely area and gets to know Luca. She soon falls in love with him and some shocking news change her life forever. I loved exploring Italy with Libby and Luca, Gergie Capron’s writing is very detailed and lovely.

Back in England she starts her new job and deals with the news. There is also her sister, who is struggling with life, her mum and her best friends Libby and Angus, who are married. The news is a surprise for everyone and everyone reacts differently. Things move on and it gets more complicated. The storyline jumped a lot here and some jumps, didn’t really make sense for me. There was no transition between parts and some things, like ages or birthdays didn’t make sense. I also struggled to relate to Libby. My favourite characters was Angus, because he is full of passion and his a big heart.

Anyway, things in the storyline get heated, complicated and it’s full on drama. It’s about Luca and Libby’s trust to him, but on top of that there is much more. I’m not mentioning anything here, because it would give too much away.

I really wanted to know what happens to Libby, Luca, Angus and co. and that’s why I kept on reading the story, even though I struggled at times. Looking at the title, I figured out the ending pretty fast, but it actually took a really long time to get there. The structure of the book is not ideal, but I like the idea behind it. Sometimes things seemed too be a bit too nice, easy and work out too well, which made it hard for me to found a connection to the story. I also didn’t really like the epilogue, I like the idea of it, but not who it was written down.

I really wanted to like this book more and there were times I had a simile on my face. It is a cute and sweet story, but certain things didn’t appeal to me. All in all, it’s a good 3* star book, including a great setting.


Author Bio
Georgie Capron lives in South West London with her husband. She works as a primary school teacher, and writes during the holidays. She studied Italian and History of Art at the University of Edinburgh, and loves travelling, yoga and all sorts of arts and crafts. 

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