Saturday, 27 May 2017

My Pyjama Collection

I'm really in love with the pajamas I own and wear at the moment, so I though I'd share them here. 

This one is probably my favourite, I just adore the colours and the pattern. It's a long one and so cosy and comfy, it's from Hollister. 

This one is also from Hollister and it's long. It's actually the same model as the one before, but just with a different pattern and color.

This one is a bit of an older model, but I liked like the other two. It's also long with little boats on. It's Gilly Hicks, which is also Hollister. 

Gilly Hicks as well :)

This one too, but here I only have the top part, I just combine it with some random pants usually. 

This one is my Harry Potter pajama. It's from Primark (I never usually buy clothes there). Normally I wear the shirt and combine it with some other pants, because the actual ones are really uncomfortable. They were not expensive, so that's ok. 

Now, let's move on with my short pjs. This one is from Victoria Secret and it also came with a sleeping mask, which has the same pattern as the pants. I love the colours, the combination of top and pants and summer really stole my heart. 

This one is perfect for summer as well, it's from Yes or No. 

Navy Style pjs! Very comfy, from Petit Bateau. 

This shirt has the cover of one of my fave books on it. I usually combine it with either shorts or pants you have seen already. 

I have more pyjamas, but these are my faves. 

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