Sunday, 7 May 2017

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

In Switzerland Mother’s Day is in May, May 14th to be precise. I know that it’s the case in some other countries as well, but countries like the UK had it in March already. I still decided to post this gift guide, because I have a lot of readers from the States and Switzerland, plus if you live in the UK you can still use it, maybe as a birthday present.

Of course there are these clichées presents for mother’s day, like flowers, cleaning the car or cooking a dinner and yes I always do that, but I think it’s important to add something very personal as well.

Personalized things are always a runner, that can be jewellery which is engraved, a bag with initials or including a photo. For me it’s significant that I show my mom how much I love her and and how important she is for me. I always show her, but on Mother’s day even more. Here are my ideas for gifts:

(Engraved) Jewelry

From bracelets, over necklaces to earrings, there are so many possibilities. You know the taste of your mom, maybe look at the jewellery she already has and then off you go. Some good brands:

-       Phantasya
-       SENCE
-       Cadenzza
-    by Olga Ribler


Perfumes are tricky, because everyone has a special taste and if you buy the wrong one, it’s not ideal. The fact the it’s your mother might make it easier, because you (might) know what perfumes she likes. Here are some ideas:

-       Burberry
-       Chanel
-       RalphLauren

Eyeshadow Palettes

If your mom loves beauty, that’s a good present. Try to find out what shades she likes and maybe she has been eyeing one for a while. Some ideas:

-       UrbanDecay
-       Tarte
-       Too Faced


I’m pretty sure there is at least one colour your mom really wants, because of an outfit, here is your chance. I haven’t really come up with a list of brands here, because there are so many.

Beauty Sets/ Gift Sets

A little perfume, a bag, maybe a scarf, the possibilities are endless and a lot of brands offer them, you can even create your own:

-       ToryBurch
-       Lilly Pulitzer
-       Rituals
Jewelry Box

I absolutely love them and I got my mom one last year, she loved it too.

-       Anthropologie

(Make Up) Bag, Clutch, Wallet

She might need a new one or she likes one very much.

-       Coach
-       Furla
-       Coccinelle


Whether it’s women’s fiction, a mystery or even a book about beauty or fashion, there is something for every woman.


Photos of you and your mom, a collage and picture you made, a little scrapbook you created, I’m sure your mom will love it.

I hope there have been some ideas for you. Etsy is always great to find things and you can also get a lot of personalised things there. 

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