Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Being Single

I actually thought a long time about writing this post, because that’s something I wanted to keep private: my relationships and family.

I’ve been single for almost 5 years now and it didn’t end in a good way. I felt betrayed and lied to. It’s been difficult from the beginning, he was nine years older than me and lives in England. We met in France when I was doing my language stay. When I left to go home, he had something with a 16-year-old, so half his age.

After that I got really careful with men and I guess I still am. Sometimes I ask myself why, but I’m not after just one thing and after fun, I want the real thing, which leads to marriage and kids afterwards. I tend to meet guys when I’m traveling, so they live in another country, which is not always easy, or they just see me as a really good friend, well thank you.

My way of being careful started before 2012. The year before I just met jerks and especially one oft hem, who was after that one thing and that’s not me.
At high school I had a big crush on that one guy, he had a girlfriend at the time. Only when he wasn’t there anymore and didn’t have her anymore, his interest started, well I changed though.

So, as you see, it’s complicated. I would even say that I have high standards and a picture of THE guy and it’s just not realistic. I was also never really into dating and I’m not good at flirting.

Well, there are lots of great things about being single though:

You have the freedom when it comes to traveling, life decisions, your lifestyle etc. There are two sides though, having someone to join you on your travels would also be nice.

You can save a lot of time and you can use the time for yourself, go after the things you like. Dating or having a boyfriend just to have someone?! No, I want real feelings involved. I see a lot of people my age getting married or being pregnant, doesn’t mean I have to as well.

It helps you to be more focused and active. You have more time for your friends and family.
I’d rather be single than in a bad relationship.

So looking at it now, I’m happy with the decisions I have made. Yes, sometimes I still have moments, where I want someone next to me, but I always wanted to work after university and travel as well and I still have time for the other things.

The right one will come, I just need to be patient.  

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