Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Traveling – Quality vs Quantity

People always think I’m traveling a lot, but if I compare that to other people then it’s actually not that much and that has a reason.

Whenever I go traveling, doesn’t matter where I go to, quality is important to me.

I prefer 4* hotels and most oft he time only book these, instead of lower star hotel. I know they are more expensive, but I have the security of being at a safe and well infrastructure hotel. Yes, I could book 5* star ones, but I’m not rich! I’m not the hostel or backpack type of traveller, so this is important to me. I want a warm and cosy bed, a good bathroom (my own), a safe, TV etc.

The same goes for airlines, I always book the more expensive ones, sometimes I even add the more leg room option, especially for long haul flights. Easy Jet is not for me and that’s ok. I reserve seats on trains and in countries like Italy I even book first class for trains.

This all means that I spend more money and I’m totally fine with it. It also means that I don’t go away every single time I got holidays, sometimes I just stay home and do day trips.

I organize a lot before hand when I go traveling, because it makes me feel more secure. It still gives me enough freedom and I get to decide what do do.

For me traveling is not about visiting as many new places as possible in a year. I just want to see new places and get to know them. Some places stick with me and they become something like my second home. So sometimes I decide to go back there, rather than going to a new place. I have had people ask me why I travel to the States instead of Asia, because it’s much cheaper. Well, the States are just higher up on my bucket list and I love the country, that’s why. It’s different for everyone and that’s ok.

You can always combine a place you already know and do new things there or add another place that is new.

Traveling is different for everyone, I think the most important thing is that YOU feel comfortable and happy!!!

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