Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Giving compliments

Last year I wrote a big post about being confident and for me it had a lot to do with body image.

Well, anyway you guys have seen pictures of me and yes I’m skinny. That’s the way I am, I was born like that and it runs in the family (my mum and grandma were the same). I’m lucky that I can eat whatever I want, but that’s actually not always that great.

Half of the people think I don’t eat at all and the others have weird comments about it:

„Is that all you eat?“ When I’m eating a snack.
„This dress is tiny, I’m sure it will fit you.“ Shop assistants.

I’m sure most of these people are not aware what that actually means fort he person listening, but it hurts. We shouldn’t take these comments to heart, because these people don’t know us.
I learned to deal with comments like that, I just wish I had a clever response sometimes.

A few weeks ago I got a totally difference response to my body image though:

„You look like a dancer, very elegant and graceful.”

This was wonderful to hear, the fact that people see me this way and give it as a compliment. That always boosts your confidence and lets you forget about all the other comments. I think this fact is important for everyone, whether you are thin, fat, have a disease, acne or anything else. There is something beautiful about every single person in this world, more than one thing actually. Telling a person what is great about time is the key. It makes them feel special, appreciated and happy. It doesn’t take much do do that, it’s a simple sentence, but it can do so much. Compliments don’t necessarily have to be about physical traits, they can be about something the person achieved.

Try to give other people compliments, it will make you feel better and more positive as well. I see it with the kids at school. The need to hear what they are good at and not always be confronted with their failures, t’s what will motivate them.

A lot of the time it’s also how people phrase their so called compliment. You can see it with my own examples, the right choice of words is very important. 


  1. This is such a wonderful post with the compliments, I'm the kind of person that struggles to take compliments because in all honesty I struggle to learn to love myself and when someone says a compliment I'm like are you being serious haha!
    Love, Amie ❤
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    1. Thanks lovely!
      I see where you're coming from. I just think it involves everything not only physical traits, it can be anything! Love, Simona xx