Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Airport Traveling

Airport traveling can be long, annoying and stressful. In the past few years I have done it a lot and I have also learned a lot, here are some tips.

It all starts before even getting to the airport. Online check-in is easy and fast. You have your boarding pass the day before. If you only travel by hand luggage, you can go straight to security and don’t lose any time with getting your ticket. Even if you have suitcases to check-in, you can go to the baggage only desk and that takes much faster. If you don’t want to be surprised by the weight of your suitcase, weigh it at home and on holiday you can bring these traveling scales. Packing cleverly also helps and even you don’t have enough space bring a little suitcase and a bag as hand luggage.

Get to the airport early enough! Calculate an extra hour in case there is traffic or your train is late. Having enough time at the airport is important, because you need your suitcase checked in, get through security, show your passport etc. You never know how long all this takes and during peak times there are a lot of people there.

After getting through security take your time (if you actually have enough time), explore the duty free area, drink a coffee and look at the planes landing and taking off.

I tend to check the flight status regularly, go to the bathroom (If it’s a short flight I don’t necessarily want to go on the plane) and might also eat something. Waiting at the gate is nothing bad! You’re on time, you can read, text and check your emails before you leave, most airports have free wifi.

Don’t forget to bring all your documents like ID or passport, flight info, boarding pass, hotel info and anything else you have booked.

Wear something comfortable (especially underwear and trousers). Before getting to security take off your scarf and jacket, be prepared to take off your shoes and get your liquids and laptops ready to load separately. 

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