Thursday, 3 November 2016

The Last Night – by Cesca Major

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The blurb:

In a quiet coastal village, Irina spends her days restoring furniture, passing the time in peace and hiding away from the world. A family secret, long held and never discussed, casts a dark shadow and Irina chooses to withdraw into her work. When an antique bureau is sent to her workshop, the owner anonymous, Irina senses a history to the object that makes her uneasy. As Irina begins to investigate the origins of the piece, she unearths the secrets it holds within.

Decades earlier, another young woman kept secrets. Her name was Abigail. over the course of one summer, she fell in love, and dreamed of the future. But Abigail could not know that a catastrophe loomed, and this event would change the course of many lives for ever...

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Cesca Major created another captivating read! Her first book The Silent Hours is brilliant and so is this one. Reading her stories is a real pleasure, because it takes me away from all the chick-lit books I read.

The story is set around two women, during two different times. Irina in present time and Abigail in the 1950s.
Irina is a furniture restorer and is working on a large bureau. Weird and mysterious begin to happen and she hast o keep them to herself.
Abigail is living with her older sister and falls in love with Richard, but there are deeper things surrounding her story, something that will change a lot.

This story is inspired by a true event. I will not say more here, because I don’t want to ruin it for you, but let me just say that Cesca found a really emotional and touching way to put it into a story. I really adored the changes of perspectives and I always felt the connection between the women, even though it was a mystery.

This is a spellbinding story full of love, tragedy and a mysterious atmosphere, just BRILLIANT!


My possible cast:

Irina: Nina Agdal

Abigail: Adelaide Kane

Cesca on Twitter: @CescaWrites

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