Saturday, 8 October 2016

What to Do on a Long Train Journey

So, it's been about two months, since my short trip to Munich, but August and September were busy wuth CHESS ans my Musical Corner, so here we are. I took the train and the journey was about 4 1/2 hours long from Zurich. That's a long time, especially because you don't have a screen like in a plane and it's way more bumpy, but let's talk about that in another post. Whenever I go on a train journey, I plan thngs things to bring, so that I din't get bored. Here are some things I do whenever the train journey is long.

- Writing blog posts: Whether it's a book review if a book I finished the night before or a blog posts about anything basically (I wrote this post on the train to Munich), it's a great way to kill some time and get some work done.

 - Planning a musical for school: I went to Munich in the summer holidays and since I'm doing another Christmas play in December it was the perfect to read through it properly and take some notes, especially because there is no real script this time. The narrator talks and the others act, the dialogies I had to come up with myself. That's exactly what I did. so this is another way of getting some work done.

- Reading: First did some beta reading from my wonderful Aven Ellis and then also started reading a new book. I love reading, time always passes so quickly.

- Colouring: This time I took my Harry Potter colouring book and coloured in the golden egg from the triwizard tournament. I took some fine pens and coloured pencils with me. This is something that is not easy though, because it's pretty bumpy at times. It's also something I cannot do for too long, otherwise I feel sick.

- Listening to music: This one happens during the while train ride, whatever I'm doing, just listening to my favourite songs or sometimes even Harry Potter.

- Watching the landscape: I didn't catch the most beautiful weather both ways, but it's still great to look at the landscape passing by. Lakes, churches, mountains...

- Eat and drink: A long train ride always requires a lot of water and some food, you can pass like this as well.

- Watching other passengers: People watching ;) Sometimes you even get to talk to them, which is fun (most of the time). I had reserved seats both ways, but on the way to Munich, a mother with four kids sat down in my compartment. The had food all over, the kids couldn't sit still, they were loud, rude and more. I was hoping for them to get off, but that didn't happen, so I was able to change into another compartment just behind. Guess who turned up in the one next to my new one and vhanges nappies?! I could continue here, but I think I already ranted in my blog post about Munich.

Of course I could have taken my laptop ans done some more works, but it's good to get away from it sometimes. And yes I could have downloaded some movies or series, but I rather enjoy them jn a comfier place.
It turns out that I did so many things that in the end I was only able to start the book and nit read too much of it ;).

What do you do to pass some time on a long train journey? Let me know in the comments below.

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