Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Meaning of a #hashtag

Bloggers are surrounded by #hashtags every single day. We use them to promote our posts on Twitter, we use them on Facebook and different hashtags are trending every day.

Hashtags are also there to find posts, photos or other things on a certain topic or area. You can also look at it as finding a group. #bookbloggers is one of them. Whenever I post something book related, whether it’s a review, Q&A or guest post, I add the hashtags, so that other book bloggers, authors and just people looking for book related things can easily find it. There are so many hashtags fort hat. I also use #lbloggers for my lifestyle posts.

You can look at a hashtag as a type of label, keyword or tag, especially used on social media. It’s also used for big promo and marketing actions.

The actual reason I’m writing this post, is because certain people don’t seem to understand hashtags. I was once told that whenever you add a hashtag, it’s on behalf of that group or whatever is behind the hashtag. That’s where I don’t agree. I don’t post something on behalf of #bookbloggers, I post it so that I can promote my post and so that other people can find it. I also think that since everyone is allowed to use them, there always will be different types of posts. I mean I don’t post my review for other book bloggers, it’s my own opinion and they have their own, so our opinions might not correspond.

I see it myself, I follow a lot of people on Twitter, so I practically spammed with posts, but when I’m looking for something hashtags are the best. That’s also the case on Instagram. I love looking for certain pictures, like some connected to Florida or an event, thanks to hashtags they are found easily.

Hashtags are something you grow into using. In the beginning I never used them, but I learned a lot and suddenly they were there and I started using them. Now I cannot imagine blogging without them. 

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  1. This is such a cool post, really interesting read! I agree they are to promote as it helps people interested in the same thing be able to find each other easily. Similar to tags/labels on blogs!