Saturday, 29 October 2016

Train vs Airplane – Traveling

This year I have travelled quite a bit this year, mostly by plane, but also by train. I used to travel by train a lot, when I was younger. Both ways of traveling have their positive as well as negative side, I’ve put together a list.


-       Safest way of traveling
-       Fastest way of traveling
-       Spectacular views (clouds, mountains, sunsets, sunrises, sea etc.)
-       Comfortable/convenient (that’s debateable, but the seats are actually very comfortable, maybe not for sleeping)
-       Your own screen with games, movies and other things
-       Online check-in and board card on phone (makes going through the airport easy)
-       Everyone has his/her own seat
-       Flight attendants
-       Food and drinks are served
-       Enough space for your hand luggage, suitcase is taken care off

-       Prices, most oft he time very expensive
-       Can get uncomfortable during long flights


-       Cheap
-       Views of landscape
-       Good connections

-       Overcrowded
-       Takes longer
-       Can get uncomfortable during long rides
-       Food and drinks are your own responsibility (some might see this as a positive thing)
-       Finding a safe place for your suitcase
-       Inflexibility. It routes and timings cannot be adjusted to individual requirements.

Of course there are certain places where plane is the only possibility, unless you want to spend a week on a ship, so sometimes we don’t have a choice. I think it’s pretty obvious what I prefer ;).

What way of traveling do you prefer?

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